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Matching post-holiday blues

In the end, the air comes out from the airport, bingeing and distracting.

Dopamine accumulated rush and rumor has ended and the days of the Chronicle of January have arrived. Say hello to post-party "depression" – big letdown bills, weight gain and disappointment. And then, cold and sunlight are not taken away!

The crash time is! The study warns us that from the 25% below, the blues depicts a full depression full of depression.

Both mum and Stephanie Ekalle at the age of 48 celebrate the great successes of Ho-Ho during the season: "She is the same story every year. She is an enthusiast for buying, collecting, baking, planning, and catering and buying December, then a flash and cleaning and you are leaving fatigue. "

Add-to-letdown let-up is the toxicity of social encounters with family reunions, endless parties and expensive holidays. "Not only young people have been posting posts, they are a very exciting life, but also adults, and you can not feel stupid," says Ekalo.

Crash after holiday height is a very real thing, Dr. Barbarabarberg has emphasized, "There is too much in what we refer to in psychology as a" contrasting effect. "In this case, the contrast between energy and holiday holidays is to come on vacation. When returning to the raffle, a great despair is the holiday energy."

Dr. Frank Farley says, social commitment and emotional involvement can be stressful and tiring, so it is often changed today. "The holiday season is a time of fiesta, social time, family time, close encounter, which takes a toll", especially in the introverts, but "normal is the most commonly used by digital and social networking servers who can live comfortably on their website. can cause stress and discomfort ".

Possible stress was super great: "You said something wrong in one party and you lost a friend, or worse, a lover. It was a tedious social crossword – they broke the parties, meetings, close relationships, drinking, and" kitchen wall "of your chef, he says Psychologists and Teachers at the Temple University, many of whom are mortgages, moodiness, and emotional and physical exhaustion on the same ship.

Farley has stressed that it is not so bad that the situation in front of you is so bad, that's the interpretation of this situation. "It is therefore seen half full of glass half-stressed, pointing out that the half-empty is positive, and the interpretation of postural emotions can be very helpful. There is no value or future negativity, especially in situations where problems are solved, such as interpersonal relationships, expenses, etc. . "

Greenberg offers five tips on the whole post-holiday blues:

  • Get plans to see your friends and family. This should not wait until the next vacation.
  • Even if you've come to your daily routine, whatever you plan, you have to take some time. We always take advantage of something to look forward to.
  • Take something from vacation and enter your daily life. This can be used with your new coffee machine or draws a nice holiday picture. Add a little holiday in your daily life.
  • Take care of yourself You're sold out on holidays. Good to eat and sleepless!
  • Thanksgiving is due to the stress of the holiday. Looking to the future.


Dr. Frank Farley recommends that these principles be taken into account when dealing with post-holiday emotions or brothers:

  • Change is always possible.
  • Your attitude is your destiny. The latest experiences that you review, maybe even passed & # 39; will be done.
  • You can raise positivity, optimism, "blues" by focusing on the positive and exciting effects of a New Year so that you can not bear the burden of the past. "It's about choices, changes, and choices. Charles Darwin said the most sensitive change is the characteristics of species that survive, so embrace the change this year and survive and progress."
  • Use one's own knowledge to motivate your behavior. "Simple formula for life success: Success = Self-knowledge + Motivation. You should play your strengths and personal interests and during your vacation." For example, if you love movies, go to the news, write a review and post it on Facebook. If you are an experienced marathon, run soon. Enjoy a friendly neighbor, then drop off to visit.
  • The two key words principle: "I can not".


It's the Resolutions Season – the problem is most shrinked in weeks, according to

  • After half a quarter of the smokers who have solved the solution will have enough.
  • Will throw more than 20% of new gymnasiums in the towel in a month.
  • At least one person who wants to give up charity will be left in February.
  • It will break a one-year resolution of the second week of 10% a year.
  • However, last year's 50% miscarriages took the same resolution as last year.

How do you resolve your resolution? reviews the Annual Resolutions in February before it is released.

  • Stop smoking – 48%
  • Drink less or leave alcohol – 37%
  • Donation – 33%
  • Eat healthier – 30%
  • Improved sleep pattern – 26%

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