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Matthews Leafs returns to a very strong team to fly

TORONTO: Auston Matthews has the intelligence to make his first impressions.

Whether it's his first NHL game, his first game injury or Mitch Marner and the way they have made John Tavares feel about his first couple months in Toronto Maple Leafs.

"Well, I'm probably better than I thought," said Tavares Matthews, who had just scored Toronto for oxidation and rejuvenation for a few months, earned 5-3 for San Jose Sharks.

Matthews scored two goals with the first aid and was also wondering if 40 goals were lost after losing 14 games due to the left shoulder. Short Answer: There is not a question, which has scored 12 points, played in the 11 games played until now.

Marner liked it very much.

He served three companion sharks, scored 36 points in the team leader, and ranked 36th in his third NHL season.

You can feel the trend that starts here.

"I think it's about every day, you understand and you learn more and more why they are special players and why so many more rooms continue to grow," said Tavares, but did not meet as a home-based agent. "I think they have brought a lot of energy to the team, and a guy like me, which is a bit too bad, helps me.

"You are a very talented hockey player and see how bad they want to be."

There are already there – like Leafs, which is the best time ever in franchising history, they have won 18 victories over 26 games.

Seeing Matthews's bent was confirmed during the season. Following the first change in ice after August, Tavares decided to stop Shark's penalty in second place.

Matthews had the perfect position to release his exact shot, to reach the left circle, after passing through the Marner pitch, but decided to go to Tavares. With respect to the second win, in the same exact position, they buried a crystal over the goalkeeper San José de Aaron Delle.

"You trust your family members and you must be ready," Tavares said. "Obviously you can see it again for the second time. It's been a pretty good time to get around again."

Efficiency increased as Matthews felt.

Uncharacteristically, he initially bobbled some pucks – completely understandable since his first game was sent to the sender's desk on October 27 through a Jacob Trouba check by Winnipeg.

There is no way in which the speed and intensity of the game is wounded over time, as long as the type of skateboard is suffering.

"The first period, you just got the kind of energy, emotions and kind of things," said Matthews. "First and foremost, I felt terribly hard. The second time was not very good. And I think it was the third time I got my legs under me and it was a bit more skateboarding."

Mike Babcock made an interesting use of X-ray No. 1. Matthews advised him to speed up (and William Nylander signed a new contract before Saturday's deadline). Next to Matthews and Kasperi Kapan, Andreas Johnsson, he set the C-RW pair, indicating the idea of ​​turning left to rotate each line.

Normally, we would expect Babcock to go to the line of Patrick Marleau-Matthews-Kapan on the spot where Matthews was injured. The veteran trainer has investigated this deep progress group and feels more comfortable with the mix and the idea that comes with it.

"I think they see more rotations for everyone and Willy," he said. "You'll see more rotation, it's not matter, if it's meaningless."

Matthews-Nylander, Tavares-Marner, Kadri-Kapan, and Par Lindholm-Connor Brown built the basics of each line. Johnsson, Zach Hyman, Marleau and Tyler Ennis / Josh Leivo are on the left slot.

"I think you look up and down our line, no matter what line you're doing," said Matthews. "You want to play with the boys they work, work on, play plays, kill them. I mean, tonight, it was my first night when I played with Johnny and he is a guy, he trained, he watches playing. da.

"Then, of course, Kappy, we know from the beginning. I think we'll keep playing together so we get better and better."

It was always the depth of the team's offensive. NHL are first class during the season season, without Nylander and no more than half of Matthews.

"If you add it again, this team adds more firepower. It's a special player," said Marner. "When I come back, I think the coaches of other teams make a great deal of pressure to find out what they want to do in the ice, and that's why they're trying to get together and what they want."

Even though it was less than 100 percent, Matthews got a point at three points against Shark. He won three games, which had returned to the last season by injuries, but was called a trend.

"I try to get it every night," said Matthews. "I think it's just coincidence."

One of the cases is to see it again and again.

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