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Maurizio Sarrik admits: "Maybe it's my fault, maybe I can not motivate Chelsea" Football

Maurizio Sarri admits that he can not prepare for his players, because Chelsea won the Roman Abramovich title in Bournemouth.

Frequently, "Chelsea fans", "You do not know what you are doing", the group was kept in the dressing room for about an hour, after the last whistle, why a game came out. It might be so light half-time. Victories Chelsea has scored four goals to reach the finish line, and Sarri's position is six months in a three-year contract.

"I think the players are enough," said Sarri Carabao Cup finalists. "We may not be at the top of the Premier League, but we are competitive. We can not miss 4-0 against Bournemouth. I want to respect Bournemouth and I like coach Eddie [Howe] But it's impossible to win 4-0 here. "

If he was asked enough, he added: "Maybe it's my fault, I might not be able to motivate it. But the team is very powerful, it's capable of winning without a coach."

He was often criticized by his players for the victory of Arsenal to get a positive reaction, but Tottenham won the semi-finals of Carabao Cup and Sheffield on Wednesday in the FA Cup fourth round. second league victory

"I feel sorry, not under pressure," said Sarri, to make the coach call his post-match suit. "I did not see the signal of my work, so I was frustrated. I wanted to understand, so I immediately talked with the players, but it is very difficult to say why, tomorrow I'll try again because I need to fix the problem.

"I only wanted to talk with them, with anyone. It is impossible to act differently between the first and second semester. I do not understand why. I do not know exactly.

"We only feel to our fans. We lose all games, but not in this way. We must solve this problem. We need to understand the problem."

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