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Melny now has no ready to play in the building he owns


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Over the years, Eugene Melny has clearly said that Senator Ottawa's games never played domestic games in the game, he did not own.

"I do not sell any interest and I do not consider playing the arena of others. It's not a practice," Melnyk said in Ottawa Sun in January 2016. "I do not want to take it anywhere."

However, Melny and his Capital Sports Management Inc. The groups lost $ 1 million in contrast, on Tuesday, the Senate owner officially changed the matter.

The Senator presented the proposal to recover the LeBreton Flats development project, with Trinity Developments, through the rails of a few months.

According to the predicted forecast, the Trinity would finance the construction of a downtown arena for Senators, excluding the share of profits in the area of ​​retail trade, residential, commercial and recreational development. .

The original proposal had 50-50 members, but on the shoulders of the Trinity it was only seen as the majority responsibility, but not by the Senators.

According to this scenario, the whole Trinity project should be financed and the Senators would be included as the main tenant, even if the hockey club is to be used for operating costs at the expense of the lease period.

Most importantly, the senator was not a tenant inside a building, an amazing change in philosophy.

A press release from senators describing this proposal was released at the end of the regulation time at Hail Mary in the hope of a last-minute scoring. Then, this prayer went further in the Scrimmage line one hour later, when Trinity Development sent a two-sentence sentence to Melny's search for a free expedition.

After a few hours Trinity filed a $ 1 million judge on Tuesday on Tuesday, in which Melny was accused of "losing aid to the project". In that document, Trinity proposed that Melny and the Senators finance their company in October and October, Trinity rejected the plan.

When Trinity knew Melnyk's plan he did not play in the field for months, but the public also had that information. Considering the Senators, at least publicly, they have wanted to be their own centerpiece arena, this can not simply be ignored as a footnote in the larger story.

On Tuesday, 30-month-old Trindades Developments reported that the $ 700 million dollar response from Melny and Capital Sports Management Inc. had been counteracted by the Senate's 900-Albert St assets. The LeBreton Flats proposal would be a stone throw-in.

Senators feel the 900 Albert St project, owned by Trinity Developments, oversaturate the regional retail and retail market. In summary, the Senate thought that there would be too much of the offer and that there was no demand and that they would not profit.

Trinity's public message was easy on Tuesday: if LeBreton Flats were profitable, even 900 Albert St. condos mix, why not walk the bill bill?

Trinity, of course, is not what the original agreement is. It was necessary to have 50-50 shared risk and rewards.

Each party has sued another lawsuit and it is not a case in court, before declaring the last winner of legal agreements in our hands. At this moment, the happiest ones on each side are being studied, surely stronger than their counterparts.

So where did he leave us?

It is very clear that Melny and Trinity Development can not move forward as a partner. Business among both parties is diligent about the solutions that would be behind the scene, and they are not preparing press releases in order to win a permanent public relations war.

The National Capital Commission, the project leader and the LeBreton Flats land, the parties have spent several weeks working together, or else they can be forced to return to the drawing.

Other Earth Developer Candidate – DevCore Group, which held the first round of the bidding, is still waiting for the proposal that includes the NHL calibration arena. Three years ago, Melnyk abandoned the notion that he was playing in the domain of DevCore, all trying to squeeze the property of Senator Ottawa.

But this time he was changing his attitude to playing someone else, the idea of ​​having a tenant inside the DevCore arena must be on the table. In the past, the DevCore Group created Melnyk's collaboration in LeBreton Flats, so it would be a reasonable assumption.

Eventually, the source of the situation said Melnyk confirmed that he intends to keep the team. This will not be difficult to enter into an agreement with DevCore, the property of the group that endangers it.

Melny definitely would ask for a full control of the hockey team, and he did not ignore it, because DevCore closed the door for the rental agreement.

Melny and the Senators also had the possibility of arranging theoretically with a third party, similar to what was done at TD Place / Lansdowne Park, where the City Council appoints the Municipal Capital Organization. In fact, with the Trinity, this plan seemed to be that the Senate would not have ownership of the building under this designation. This means that the city takes control of the project and a non-profit nonprofit project, while the private part of the area is funded.

In any case, when it is cut through the jurisdiction and the PR jargon, it is clear that the senators are willing to come to their center.

Melny, it should be noted, is not expected to speak to the media this week, even though he has hosted his annual holiday accommodation for the Canadian Tire Center for the disabled.

It is quite interesting, in the same event that occurred in December 2015, Melnyk decided to play in a sphere attached to someone else.

"This skateboard would take months to get permission from someone I do not know," said Melnyk not trying to organize a holiday skateboard inside a building. "Now, if I want to skater, I'm going to skate."

Melnyk talked about the importance of controlling all elements of an NHL arena for security and concession stand.

"We have to control the building, we must control food prices," he added.

When starting any situation, LeBreton seems to be interesting in the new rehabilitation.

Melnyk has been discussing the subject for years.

And that will not be lost.

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