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Members of several unions blocked Canadian Post facilities in Mississauga


Chris Fox,

Published: December 1, 2018 8:40 AM EST

Last modified on Saturday, December 1, 2018 9:34 AM EST

The unions are blocking blockages by various organizations to enter Mississauga mass mail today to show support for Canadian Post workers this week in the legislature.

Fifteen friends blocked the doors of Dixie Road Saturday 24/7 at the Gateway Postal, saying they would be at 10:00 a.m. tonight Piketters are leaving Canadian post workers in the facility, but they do not provide messages.

Pipeters include CUPE Ontario, the Ontario Public Worker Union (PAHO), the Ontario Elementary Teachers Federation (ETFO) and United Food and Commercial Workers, among other unions.

"We are blocking all the access to this facility, which is the country's mail installation and here we send a very clear message. There could be 50,000 CUPW members in the legislature, but the only workers who have the right to strike are not," said CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn CP24. "When the federal government is instructing Canadian Post, we will ask for these workers to sit and negotiate."

The federal government passed the legislation on Monday due to a stalem during the distribution of the weekend mailing.

In response, other members of the trade unions have gone out of Canadian Post facilities to protest against the use of labor legislation.

On a message posted on Saturday morning to Twitter, Canadian Post stated that outside demonstrations on Gateway facilities are "severely restricted by level and parcel movement" and prohibit "doing appropriate actions to combat illegal activity".

Hahn, however, called for a "peaceful" and "legal" protest.

"Returning to the workforce's lawsuits is contrary to the rights and freedoms, so if Canadian messages are about to be legal and talk about a board that is correct, and if they want to talk directly to postal workers, intimidate people," he said.

Hahn said that over 100 members of their unions will participate in today's four-round protest.

Sara Labelle, vice president of the OPSEU, said that CP24 has hired hundreds of people in the demonstration. He said that Trade Unions want to know that Canadian Post employees are aware of their rights.

"Their rights are here stepped up to find out more solidarity with them. Therefore, here they can not here in their democratic rights, we will be in a piquet line and keep up the line," he said. "We allow them to go to work and they will be doing their turnarounds because they are back in the legislature, but here we stand out and make sure that there is no message and we believe that there is no email, we believe in the right collective bargaining and strike"

Peel's Regional Police are now a scene, but just say they are sure to keep everyone safe and to keep peace.

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