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Members of the Ottawa family were given clues to destroy the outer track

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Published Tuesday, December 18, 2018 8:30 AM EST

In the Ottawa area, he has received Canadian support from Canada to take down the boards of an outside Canadian canopy.

Cory Cosgrove, who built his three daughter's outer track during the last five winters, said CTV Ottawa told reporters that he had moved the committees to the law, but later returned and the boards down after he had complained they were angry.

The family had to force them to get rid of taverns on Tuesday, nowadays he had a stack sitting in his yard.

"We are trying to create good memories for our children, and we're setting boards at the beginning of the season, I think, the challenge," said Cosgrove.

Statutory officials have said the track is three offenses:

  • The boards of utility-driven utility lines may be damaged;

  • The driver's vision lines and options can hit someone who passes a puck;

  • and the zoning regulations prevent permanent or temporary structures that are on the front or side.

"Originally the road was improving, and they were really worried about the safety of the tracks and freight and vehicles that could be," said Roger Chapman, Director of Law and Regulatory Services of Ottawa City.

Since the news on Cosgrove's situation has shaken earlier this week, the family has received support from local politicians, media, and Canadian Superstar Hayley Wickenheiser.

The people of Ottawa also offer the track of the Cosgrove track to be used as a regular commute.

CTV with Ottawa's Stefan Keyes report

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