Wednesday , July 6 2022

Mesut Ozil knows what happens when it comes to getting into the new Arsenal


IF Mesut Ozil does not manage Bournemouth's "physicality and intensity" journey, then will he face Tottenham Hotspur in front of the Chelsea unbeaten record? That's when Arsenal and Unai Emery, the German sovereign, changed the shape of their team and it was a good weekend.

Bournemouth's 2-1 win on Sunday was perfect. But, again, he took another step in the midst of Arsenal, not to miss mid-August. The three consecutive games of the Premier League were a more commanding performance, a more dynamic performance against one of the most spectacular divisions.

And, for the first time this season, the result was a positive result in the team without Ozil. Instead, the German sat quietly on the bench and did not pull out. After direct asking for absence of oxysters, Emery refused to anticipate "sharp matches for" physicality and intensity.

This word choice felt harmoniously in two ways. First of all, Emery did not realize that he was able to resist Ozil Bournemouth's energy. And secondly, Emery believed that Ozil would not add "physicality and intensity" to Arsenal, which are two of the unknown pillars of the new director's philosophy.

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