Wednesday , October 20 2021

Meteorologist suicide The risk of Lasik stands out



The Lasik-type eye surgery has not yet been established by a 12-year-old suicide by a 35-year-old meteorologist in October, Jessica Starr's death turns the rare complications of surgery into focus. Lasik SMILE Surgery Starr was approved by the FDA in 2016 and first performed in Michigan one year later; He uses laser and different techniques than LASIK, although he is told by a surgeon Detroit Free-Press Both procedures are "basically the same". Starr, Fox 2 with Detroit since 2012, said that after the surgeon, he had a one-month, dry eye and visual impairment, and "mid-November" was a "tweeted" for being a "fight" and "challenging time".

The Free-Press He mentions a June New York Times Among people with a life-threatening complication, amongst 35-year-olds, the "end-of-eye cuts" and 36-year-old children are "sensing the pain in my eyes". 24-7. "CBS 12 speaks of Florida, Kenneth Maller, specializing in the treatment of those who suffer from complications, including his Canadian past, Canadian fellow Paul Fitzpatrick, who has dominated his vision issues, but not pain, Fitzpatrick committed suicide, starr husband and two The child leaves a 5-year-old son Noah and a 3-year-old daughter, Riley. (Read more Times & # 39; This article is here.)

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