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MEXICO HERRIA (Reuters) – Mexico wants oil and gas production to rise by almost 50 percent in the next six years and allocate infrastructure and drilling contracts to 20 territories in January. Petroleos said the Mexican oil company said on Saturday.

Octavio Romero, head of the Pemex company's director, said the new government would increase exploration investments every 10 percent, presenting a new sectorial plan.

The President Manuel Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, on December 1, at the office, wants to recover Pemex, which has been very strong. In 2004, almost 3.4 million barrels (bpd) peaked, 1.8 million less in October.

"Pemex is a new rescue," Lopez Obrador said with Romero in the port of Ciudad del Carmen, he came to the South of the Gulf of Mexico shortly afterwards to present his government to the Pemex finances budget as soon as possible.

According to the plan, Mexican crude production will rise to 2,624 million barrels of bpd by the end of 2024, and gas production will be around 50%.

The output will stabilize over the next few months and the next year will reach the end, according to Pemex CEO. However, the projections presented by the government on the default budget on Saturday, Saturday, would continue until suggested outings by 2020.

Mexico's previous government increased production by opening private capital production and exploration. But the decline has not yet declined.

Lopez Obrador, the priest, Lazaro Cárdenas, was the president of the nationalization of the oil industry in Mexico, 80 years ago, opposed to the reconstruction of the 2013-14 constitution by Enrique Pena Nieto.

The Abertzale Left says that he will respect private oil contracts under Pena Nieto, but this month he will face oil oils quickly, providing a three-year "troop" without giving more details.

Meanwhile, Mexico will accelerate the exploitation of 20 exploration areas in the Gulf of Mexico, said Romero.

To that end, the necessary infrastructure contracts will be given on January 15th and drilling will take place on January 31st, he added.

Most of the areas are offshore and the government plans to "integrate" infrastructure contracting plans, Romero said. Pavement drilling "delivery keys" would be contracts that companies or consortiums entrusted with.

Pemex will be in charge of engineering and supervision. According to December 2019, 20 areas would have to output 73,000 bpd, Romero said.

Energy Secretary Rocio Nahle told reporters that the city was given priority over Mexican companies in the procurement process, based on a limited list of guests.

Romero said nine companies had an interest in drilling offshore wells, and five others did so in four land areas. All are mostly owned by Mexico, he said.

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