Wednesday , September 28 2022

Microsoft affirms that Chromium puts it for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft today announces major changes to the default Windows 10 browser. Redmond confirms the report released this week, replacing EdgeHTML with the browser engine instead of Microsoft Edge with Chromium.

Chromium is an open source browser with a Google Chrome manual and other smaller browsers. Chromium development is mainly directed by Google engineers, as well as other open source collaborators.

Next year, Microsoft wants Edge to move on to the "Chromium-compatible" platform Windows 10 wants to be the main Chromium project assistant, and its engineers have begun to get better ARM support. It also plans to improve Chromium-based browsers (including Edge) to better operate Windows 10 hardware. Part of this is to improve the use of touch and improve web accessibility.

Chromium will allow Microsoft to frequently update Edge to Windows 10, as well as older versions of the OS, which has not been possible in the past. The company says Edge will have other Windows versions (7 and 8.1) and other platforms like MacOS in the near future.

Redmond believes that all modifications of Microsoft Edge will be "under the hood" and users will not see much changes in the browser. The company expects Chromium's move to help users and web developers become more consistent. Developers will not be able to test their websites and web applications for EdgeHTML, the web will be fragmented, easier testing, and a more consistent experience for everyone.

Microsoft expects the release of the first preview of the new Microsoft Edge preview as early as 2019. Still, at this time it's pretty scarce, which is why Microsoft has effectively revealed its plans for the public. Starting this week earlier.

Going to Chromium will be giant as Edge Browser. Since EdgeHTML has the powers of the UWP web application platform, the change can be quite difficult. But, like me, Edge's stability has hated it in the past, it can be welcomed. Or not. Microsoft explains how Chromium works and how it's going fast.

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