Tuesday , January 19 2021

Microsoft Office icons get a new look

Microsoft's Office applications are getting a new personality today. As part of the complete review of the platform, Microsoft felt the need to reflect on the major changes that came to the latest office in a new logo for new offices.

New icons are an important step in the current office icons. Until now, Microsoft has made the unique iteration of the Office identification of its Office applications, but this update seems to be quite relevant.

Wise design Microsoft is turning the logo into a "builder, lighter and more enjoyable". The redesigned icons are fairly clear, for example, the Word icon brings together two panes, the letter W and the other containing the blue blocks that represent the text. OneNote, on the other hand, has notebook tabs that show Excel spreadsheet cells and PowerPoint diagrams.

And the new OneDrive icon? It's just cloud

New video from the new event from new icons. Interestingly, at a point in the video, Microsoft shows Windows 10 Start Menu new icons, along with Windows 10 other applications, such as Mail, Photos, News, Calculator, Calendar, etc. You can also get new logos.

"We've got a wealth of history from the office, and we're using information about design decisions – strong colors have always been at the heart of the Brand Office, and new icons are the opportunity to evolve our palette, which differentiates applications and identities and makes them more stunning for new icons, We have chosen nicknames and brighter nuances, an node developed by Office, "said Jon Friedman, head of Microsoft Office designers, describing the layout of the new Office Application icons.

Microsoft will start the new Office icons that started in mobile and web applications over the next months and after other platforms.

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