Monday , May 29 2023

Microsoft Plans to bring Office's New Iconography Style to Windows 10


Microsoft introduced some new office icons yesterday. The company announced the new iconography of the Office at the head office of the main office corporate offices. Although Microsoft embraced the iconography style of other products like Windows 10, Microsoft Office icon layout videos have featured Windows 10 plans with this new logo.

The video has shown applications like Photos, Mail, Calculator, Calendar, File Explorer, and Microsoft News, with the new iconography style in the start menu and look really good. And, of course, people brought it speculating If Windows 10 finally got a new icon style. Office video plans are just enough concepts, but it seems that Microsoft really wants Windows 10 to bring new iconography.

"We are committed to building a common system and designing 10 icons at the same time. Once we have implemented this system, we will start Microsoft scale," Jon Friedman, Head of Microsoft Office Design, answers the Office Icon question. In another answer, Friedman's Office icons are "efforts to update all multi-style icons."

If Microsoft has the same style for other products, Windows 10 might be one of the first to get the new design. After all, these new icons are inspired by the Windows 10 Design Fluent system, so it gives a lot of sense to Windows 10 iconography. But, of course, we still do not know the plans of Microsoft's new iconography. It might be possible to see some stock of Windows 10 applications getting a new iconography of Windows 19 191 in 2019, or even longer.

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