Monday , October 3 2022

Microsoft's Beta Android Launcher has a digital health feature


In San Francisco: Microsoft has added "Digital Health" with Cortana support, with the beta version of the Android launcher version, which will be used for tracking users. Microsoft's "Version 5.1" launcher is helping to control more users so they can learn how social networks work. Windows Central reported on Wednesday. Together with "Digital Health", it integrates a new "To-Do" list and "sticky notes" to users to synchronize their tasks and notes. "The To-Do" launcher "card also shows tasks in Outlook and Skype's applications, with" Sticky Notes ", showing Windows, Outlook and OneNote floating lists.
The new beta version is available for Google Play Store, and the report is added in the coming weeks for all users. Great tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Instagram have added new features to "Screen Time", "Your Activity" and "Your Time on Facebook", respectively, on how to use their apps. In October, Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 soon disrupted Android mobile computers, as the company's Android launcher was updating its latest years. (IANS)

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