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Milk sugar, almond milk, oats milk. Spider milk


That spider without a young man.
Increase / That spider without a young man.

Milk comes from mammals. It is a fleshy species. Even though our government knows this. However, Chinese scientists have documented a spider's leap, young people give their mother's body a few drops of nutrient-rich nutrients. Until the only food in the feeds begins to feed, and they still drink to get a little older. Results reported Science.

Moreover, cockroaches and their daughters also provide a substance that they describe as "milk", which comes from their body and provides the exclusive support of the young. Cockroach moms preserves this substance in these substances: embryos are developing.

Parents, parents, and parents create a dairy product and eat baby birds for the first few days, so babies can digest real food. Crop milk is a nutrient-filled cell that breaks into the flakes of parents' poultry crops.

Toxeus Magnus Here are spiders that are analyzed here and they are ants. The nursery method also seems to be distinguished from the previous two examples. They have a specialized milk-making body, and the researchers suggest that viable eggs become foods for survivors.

Spiders are also small, when nests live like nests in the family, mothers take care of their children, even after maturity. In a time, the young man started to get out of the farmhouse, but they still came home, just like mammals.

Therefore, this is undoubtedly not a frequent one, but the researchers believe that "behaviors and behaviors behave frequently." Likewise, a similar evolution is needed: to compensate for incomplete food inputs and to protect the nest as much as possible from predators.

Spider Milk sells 123.9 mg / ml protein content, four times as much as cow's milk. It's not vegan.

Science, 2018. DOI: 10.1126 / science.aat3692 (about DOI).

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