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Millions of snub free 20-minute health checks to detect dementia

It has been a national free health study that can reduce the risk of millions of years of over 40 years.

Only 15 million people have conducted half the test for only 20 minutes, according to NHS England.

    A simple 20-minute trial can see early signs of dementia

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A simple 20-minute trial can see early signs of dementia

There are also heart disease problems, kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.

Democracy and Alzheimer's disease was the main cause of death in England and Wales in 2017, which accounted for 13% of the deaths registered, according to the National Statistics Office.

A person with a stroke or a person with diabetes or a heart disease accelerates the development of vascular dementia twice, according to the Alzheimer's Association.

"At the beginning of a new year, the right moment is the commitment to achieve a simple, free and potential way of making a healthy lifestyle," said Alistair Burns, National NHS Director of Dementia of England.

    Test the signs with heart problems

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Test the signs with heart problems

All those aged 40 to 74 do not check the existing health conditions automatically.

It is part of the NHS in England to improve early diagnosis of dementia.

Laura Phipps, Head of Media Studies in Alzheimer's Research in the UK, said: "It's clear that good evidence suggests that there is a good heart, but 77 percent think they can reduce the risk of heart disease. 34 people can reduce their risk of dementia.

"Research shows that midlife is a crucial time to carry out actions that help maintain a healthy brain in a decisive life. Today, due to dementia of major causes of death, we must vote for everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle and older people through life."

Jamie Waterall, a British Public Health Program, says: "The NHS health check examines the main causes of premature mortality and health, but it is even more important to suppress the risk of developing conditions such as dementia and heart disease."

The national goal of guaranteeing at least two-thirds of people living abroad abroad has been diagnosed and treated in the last two years, said NHS England.

The health report information can be found on the NHS UK website.

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