Tuesday , June 22 2021

Mitsubishi Motors' table, deciding on Carlos Ghosn's situation

TOKYO: The Japanese Mitsubishi Motors, joined by Renault and Nissan, met on Monday after being arrested by Carlos Ghos, after being appointed president of Carlos Ghosn.

The prosecution was arrested in Ghos on November 19, when his income was suspected by more than 44 million people over five years. Nissan Motor Co., has already ruled out as its president, according to an internal investigation, found the money and assets of Ghos company.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. eight eight members of the committee met in Tokyo, the company said.

The arrest of Tokyo in Ghos was a great fall for the run of two decades that dominated Japan's auto industry and led by the Renault Nissan Alliance of France Renault.

Ghosn also brought Mitsubishi to the alliance. Nissan took part in Mitsubishi's 34% stake in 2016 after a scandalous report on smaller automakers.

The Japanese media, referring to identified sources, have reportedly suspected Ghosn and Greg Kelly, the executive suspected of collaborating with Ghosn, confirming their innocence. Ghosn has not commented publicly.

Both executives will not be charged yet. According to Japanese law, a suspect may be detained within a period of three months, without any charges incurred.

Renault keeps Ghosn as chief executive. But the Mitsubishi commission's makeup is expected to be released.

The board consists of Ghosn, Mitsubishi Motors Osamu Masuko CEO, Nissan two people, two Mitsubishi group companies and two external, writer and academic.

They are worried about the future of the alliance between Renault and Nissan. The future of the alliance of Mitsubishu, although recent, may be more precarious.

Allies often supply automakers, such as technology, auto parts, and suppliers and sales networks. Sales volume reduces costs.

The analyst says, among other things, sharing is becoming increasingly important for developing companies to develop electric vehicles, clean connectivity and artificial intelligence.

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