Monday , May 29 2023

Mom shows the 5-year-old son's flourishes and grows & # 39; Early learning program for hearing impaired children and tough hearing


About 18 months ago, Sonja Van Ee found that her son, Noah, lost his hearing.

"He started making some weird things at home," he said. "And so we went to the doctor to say that there was no loss of hearing, and that started to get a diagnosis."

After sending the trip to a "non-medical doctor" within five months, Noah, after two, was diagnosed with a serious and serious hearing loss.

"(It) basically means that he was silent," said Van Ee.

Five years ago, it is composed of 10 students from Noah Saskatche, who are listening to and listening to Early Childhood Education Primary Education programs for Communicating, Communicating and Communicating Children in Children.

The classroom is at the Lisieux school in San Teresa and works through the Saskatchewan Deaf and Hearing Service Harden. Regina also works at Regina Public Schools at Henry Janzen School.

The program can accommodate 16 students from Saskatoon and Regina through a family member or a close friend of the deaf, hearing, or deaf community.

"They grow up in a community that does not mean that children are born in a community that does not have access to a language that is not accessible to the community, it is very easy for them to stop and isolate children," said Nairn Gillies, Executive Director of Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

In the program, children learn both sign language and English.

Van Ee said through his son that he could quickly access the language he had seen and help his children grow and develop.

"We have seen her improve her trust," she said. "His little personality, the language he gets, grows and grows, and finally, get to know and learn our little boy."

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