Wednesday , January 20 2021

Montreal MP Lametti becomes director of Trudeau

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has added two new sections in his cabinet on Monday morning to Montreal Parliamentary David Lamett as Canada's new Justice Minister and Canada's economics development minister, Scotland, Bernadette Jordan.

While speaking outside the Rideau Hall, Trudeau said he had to make changes to his cabinet to face the departure of Scottish MP Scott Brison, chairman of the Treasury Board.

Brison announced last week that he had dropped out of the armory and was not executed in the next elections.

Jody Wilson-Raybould of Vancouver, in general, carries out smaller portfolios about Veteran Justice Matters. Trudeau said that the problems of veterans require Wilson-Raybould's equally rigorous portfolio of justice.

Trudeau did not believe that serving as veterans is something else than a great deal of responsibility.

For his part, Wilson-Raybould said he does not see it as a democracy. He said he was proud of being a Minister of the Court, and it is very important.

Jane Philpott Indigenous Services with the Treasury Board, the former Brison portfolio and the key economic situation in the cabinet table. It will perform a large part of government spending machinery, as well as federal public services and unions.

Trudeau said that Philpott is a natural choice of position, because he participated in a related cabinet commission, which is already well known versus the file.

Jane Philpott, President of the Treasury Board, was sworn in by the media at Otomandar Rideau Hall on Monday, January 14, 2019.

KANADA PRESS / Adrian Wyld

Seamus O & # 39; Regan, on the other hand, is moving to Veteran Affairs and Indigenous Services.

These two ministries are areas of government that offer direct services, Trudeau said.

Jordan becomes the first Scottish female to sit in the cabin.

The Prime Minister's Office said in a statement that it will focus on developing a rural development strategy, including high-speed internet-based communities and supporting agricultural infrastructure development.

These are now two other cabinet posts by the Ministries of Innovation and Infrastructure, and it is not immediately clear that Jordan will be placed in a bureaucratic structure.

The conservative parliamentarian Toolkit by Twitter, Erin O, said Philpott and Lametta "are very well interpreted and very well", but Trudeau's movement is "quite a head-scratcher". Indigenous peoples and veterans "worried" said.

Conservative Culture critic Pierre Poilievre confronted the movement with the Titanic deck chairs.

"Prime Minister Trudeau is the captain of the wrecked ship," Poiliev said, a press conference says that all of the ministers who believe that conservatives are the most important government problems are: budget failure, transborder cross-border flooding and Canadian pipeline to drive Canadian resources out to the coast .

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