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Mourinhok's players Man Utd refuse to be "wicked"


Published on: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 7:54

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says that a footballer is playing badly because of their managerial feelings and seals the "bad attitude" players.

The 2018-19 season has been talked about the United player and Mourinho, and there was no longer the Red Devils nonprofit Premier League in the third game. Saturday 2-2 Southampton.

Mourinho He was asking before Wednesday's Quarter Arsenal is the fourthUnited has eight points worse, even if all players are still behind.

Portugal said: "I still do not understand that story. If only one player plays when he plays, in your words, behind the director, we should call these players or, in this case, what you are calling is not correct.

"It pays a football player and pays well for a professional football. What is it? To train every day in its borders, to place each game in its limits, to act according to the nature of its work, respect for millions of fans around the world and respect the local hierarchies.

"If the player does not do that … the only thing that works well and does not work so well, another thing will be a professional football.

"If a player says it's ok or it's bad, the director is who he is, you call him an evil player.

"I understand your question, but when players say that players do not play" the player is not a manager "- when the players did it? They were bad players, if they were not, they should talk to millions of people in front of a camera.

"I totally agree with that question. Do you have to examine a player" whether he is doing it or not? "You do not have to go in that direction because you call evil players."

He added: "A player thinks he gets his own purpose and then runs and celebrates." I scored the goal I did not like the manager I do not like "Why do you think? I do not think that."

After the Southampton game, the relationship with Mourinho Paul Pogba has once again been a private speaker point, after the reports have been set up by the director, in front of the players in the dressing room, the midfielder "virus"

He told Mourinho that he was worried about the form of Pogba, and it would not be a problem.

He said: "I do not analyze one performance individually. After the game of Hegoampton, I told him why, in the second half, we did not have a continuing wave of attacks.

"For that reason we did not have any coherence and I did not keep the opponent because we lost too many balls all the time. It is not the best decision, as far as I need to pass the speed of the decision.

"I said the only name without saying it, and I will say the same without saying the name.

"Names in Southampton are the names I choose with good spirits, the spirit of struggle, the anger, this arrogance. When I told him that he was happy in Rashford's (Marcus), I want to give good examples."

Mourinho also indicated the gap between United and fourth place, and Manchester City and leaders (19 points against the Old Trafford against Arsenal) "could not be predicted", and "each team got better" we did not "said, his As the final goal was four.

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