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Mulcair said the loss of byelection "made it difficult for Mr. Singh to stick"


Rachel Gilmore, the producer of Power Play

Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 6:05 PM EST

Last Updated Wednesday, January 9, 2019 7:24 PM EST

The NDP's previous leaders recently claim that Jagmeet Singh would be the leader of the NDP, and would lose the choice of Burnaby South.

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair said that Singh failed his bid B.C. The seat, "it would be very difficult for Mr. Singh to stick."

"They are statements – and I talked with the people of the party – it is convenient to be able to win it but they are far from being sure," said Wednesday's host at Mulcair Don Martin at the CTV Power Play section.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called on Wednesday, February 25, three selections: Burnaby South, B.C., Outremont Quebec and York-Simcoe Ontario. The NDP announced a few days before criticizing Trudeau to deny the statement.

Mention will be the first public test of the NDP leader, after a racial leadership in October 2017.

In any case, the federal election will face the party in October 2019 with the NDP party leader.

"I will be the leader of the new Democratic Party to the general elections of 2019," says Singh, Don Martin, Monday in the CTV Power Play session.

According to Mulcair, this means that the party will throw all that guarantees Singh. If it is stopped, Mulcair said "it would be very difficult for him" to bring the NDP to the elections that fell.

"In my opinion, they would agree with what they know about politics," Mulcair said.

With this pressure, Mulcair has said that the party will sack all its resources in the race of Singh, to the detriment of two other options.

"The NDP will be the only place, money, and energy in Burnaby Hego, where Singh has decided a new decision," Mulcair said.

"I think it's very difficult for Julia Sánchez and NDP Outremont."

Outremont Mulcair is an old horse, but won in the 2007 elections, the conditions were very different.

"People in the block were tired, the liberals, of course, still backed by the scandal they had," he said.

"We have never come to win a seat in this kind of election in Quebec, but we have thrown everything we had and we had a new NDP."

However, even if the added resources help increase Singh's winning profits, it's probably not going to be sitting in the Commons House until March.

Mulcair said it could be too late to make a real impact.

"There's not much, in March, as we'll be in elections, you can expect Justin Trudeau to use all of his office perks," he said.

However, the former NDP leader said they are better than anything else.

"Certainly, it's better than the current situation, that is, in fact, nobody knows how to see it and nobody pays much attention," said Mulcair.

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