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Mulroney continues the recommendations of the Commissar of the Governor in Taverner


Ontario Public Prosecutor Caroline Mulroney talks to the journalist after meeting with PC Caucus in Toronto, Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Chris Young / The Canadian Press

Ontario Public Prosecutor Caroline Mulroney says her government is following a recommendation from Doug Ford's friend, Ron Taverner, in the investigations into the appointment of Commissioner of the Ontario Province Police Commissioner.

The Provincial Integrity Commissioner is testing whether Mr Ford was conflicting or not, his government named the Toronto Police Superintendent Taverner, a 72-year-old commander in the middle of the last month.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Mulroney has indicated that her government respects the work of the Integrity Committee David Wake and awaits the results of the review. The Integrity Commissioner has not said that a final report will be issued.

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"We are going to complete the recommendations of the curator," said Mulroney in the Queen's Park. "We respect the result of his research".

The Security Community Minister, Sylvia Jones, should not follow Mr Wake's recommendations. "I do not have anything to do with the budget," he said.

Opposition parties have asked for a public inquiry on the issue after the announcement by the official OPP of the highest ranking last week after the political interference of the appointment.

Mrs. Mulroney has proposed a public advice, as the Integrity Commissioner is reviewing. "The Commissioner of Integrity is doing the job in the process. If you have a decision to make the public consultation necessary, we will receive the recommendations we will receive," Mrs. Mulroney said.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has asked the Integrity Commission to rarely use power to launch a public inquiry into Mr Ford's interference and political interference at his office. Mr Wake's office in Wednesday did not comment on the subject.

"What do we have to do is," Mrs. Horwath said. "This is the only way to get the truth on the people of Ontario."

According to the liberal director John Fraser, Mrs. Mulroney should appoint a court appeal to publicly prove that she would have a broader scope than the Whole Commissioner.

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"Mr. Taverner will not be able to complete this work until it ishes the air, because work will be very difficult, because there will always be a perception of the conflict," Mr. Fraser said.

SUPT. Taverner started working on Monday, swearing and calling on the resignation of Toronto until he complied with the opinion of the Commissar of the Whole.

Mr Ford, who was not in the legislature to answer the question on Wednesday, told Reptile Supt this week. Taverner will be "the best curator of the OPP ever seen" and will be the Deputy Minister of Brad Blair, senior OPP officers, questioned by Supt. Taberner's appointment.

Recently, in a publicly published letter, Blair deputy secretary-general, Mr. Ford's main employee, Dean French, asked OPP to change the Camper van to Ford and "keep away from books".

Mr. Ford called it "unclaimed," and Jones and. Jones said the hinting of being "false false" out of the books.

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