Friday , May 20 2022

Murder charges related to the death of Burnaby


The man's police say he killed a woman who burnaby a month before being charged with a second degree.

Burnaby, resident of Nicole Hasselmann, was found to be injured for 34 years, and an accident at Barnet Highway 8000 blocked on November 16. Later, the driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital, where he died later. injuries.

Burnaby woman
Nicole Hasselmann

The driver survived his injuries.

Initially, the researchers thought about injuries caused by the crash, but they thought it was missing later. The Directorate for the Integrated Homicide Research Group is called for research.

Today (Friday), the police announced Jan Poepl was arrested, 31. Poepl Hasselmann's death was a second-degree murder, according to an IHIT press release.

Hasselmann, who also attended Nicole Porciello, worked at the secondary school students in Vancouver, Templeton.

The police do not mean that it is the same person who drives the accused vehicle on the night of November 16.

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