Saturday , October 24 2020

N.S. Health officials warn that it is feverish in the Hialxax hospital

HALIFAX – Public health officials are at risk in the Scottish novel at a hospital in Halifax.

A person traveled through Halifax and went to the Emergency Department of Robie Street, Halifax Engineering, on April 17 due to symptoms of hawthorn.

However, they later developed a measles person and were infected during their emergency escapitation in Halifax.

He visited Halifax's Engineering Emergency Emergency on April 17 from 12:00 to 12:30. They may be in front of the elm and may develop symptoms, now and May 8.

These symptoms include fever, cough, nose and red eyes; the face that extends down the body is a red skin of ordinary body; sleep and irritability; and small spots in the mouth and throat.

The disease is transmitted through the air directly or through the infectious drops, an infected person breathes, coughs or ducks.

Most people recover in quite a few weeks, but measles can have serious complications, because children, pregnant women and weak immune systems are.

New Brunswick Public Health Officers are currently investigating the case in Saint John.

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