Wednesday , May 18 2022

NASA commander says Elon Musk will not leave public smoking again


The NASA chief Jim Bridenstin made this week a US space agency based SpaceX and Boeing's security review, building spacecraft for astronauts, including workplace culture and free drug policies.

Even though NASA rejected the report from the outset, although SpaceX's CEO might look like Elon Musk, a filmed podcast, Bridenstine on Thursday, was burning a newsreader during a newsletter, "was not helpful".

A security review was requested, announced on November 20, when the two companies entrusted with sending nuclear weapons once again to the space where they confirmed their safety – the United States lost the capability of 2011 in the retirement space with the shutdown program.
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"We've had a conversation," said Bridenstine The Atlantic magazine.
"I will tell you that everyone (Musk) is committed to safety, and understands that this was not the right behavior, and you will not see that again."

AFP later, according to Bridenstin, reviews show how NASA takes its astronauts safety seriously.

"The reality is that in 2011, for the first time, America's earthquakes are ready to be ready to launch America's American rocket astronauts, and we need to make sure we have a cultural assessment, the security assessment of each of our suppliers." say

"If you look at history, when accidents occurred in the past, there has always been a safety assessment and leadership and culture and security of the organizations involved in the mission." he added.

"We did not want to wait after an accident, because we believe it was not an accident, but we have made sure that we have done this assessment as quickly as possible."

SpaceX has been a NASA contractor since 2012 to transport the ship's Boat International Space Station aboard the ship.

The following year, SpaceX is preparing for the first flight of its Dragon Crew capsule on two astronauts on the Falcon 9 rocket launch.

Flight flight flight is scheduled for January 7, 2019 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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