Monday , May 29 2023

NASA has a curiosity vehicle that captures the image of a bright Mars object


A couple of days ago, the curiosity awoke to the singer Please be my neighbor Mr. Rogers, being a greeting for the new InSight adventurer. After that, NASA researchers have explained that Curiosity has worked at Mars's "Highfield Drill," which will throw a sample. The adventurers have, since 2012, been in the vicinity of Mars, before discovering four interesting rocks, including atypical smoothness and brightness.

Rock is named after Little Colonsay and is believed to be a meteorite. Scientists will often speculate that curiosity will be explored for the rock. That's when ChemCam tools are introduced; Lasers, spectrographs, etc., the vehicle researchers will give you an answer about the rock's glittering nature.

According to an update on Mars Curiosity mission mission, the vehicle will scan dump batteries using all tools, including passive observation with ChemCam. This tool will examine four samples, the two previous ones: Little Colonsay and a rocky dark cover called Flanders Moss.

Researchers believe that Little Colonsay is a meteorite that looks bright, but "it can be misleading," said the team. In addition to these two rocks, Happiness will explore another purpose called Eildon and Forres. These two samples will be added to the Gray bedrock database in Geneva, which leaves the High School next week.

This is not the first bright object. Marriage was found in Marriage. Back in 2014, for example, the wisdom man responsible for finding a giant rock star as an iron meteorite. Likewise, a similar finding was made in 2015 with a bright meteorite with nickel-iron.

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