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NASA will spend $ 42 million to understand space weather improvements – BGR

The weather forecast for your area is something that many people do every day, but weather systems are not the only type of wood that can dramatically affect your life. The weather of the space – that is, the flow and flow of particles around the Earth, many of which come from our Sun – is likely to be an important part of humanity's future and survival as an essential species.

To do this, NASA has approved a project called Atmospheric Waves Experiment, or a short AWE. The $ 42 million mission will begin in the summer of 2022 and will explore the features of the Earth's atmosphere to better understand the impact of our planet's weather.

In a new blog post, NASA explains that the AWE missions will attach exterior tools to the International Space Station. Once installed, a phenomenon called airglow can be analyzed, which NASA describes "the color of the light bands in the Earth's atmosphere".

AWE is just one of the missions in the NASA Heliophysics Explorers Program. These small-scale missions meet the major research efforts made by NASA scientists.

"The Explorers Program seeks innovative ideas for small missions and reduced costs to unravel the mysteries of the universe and help them explore our site," says Paul Hertz of NASA. "This mission fully meets a standard, creative and cost-effective role to solve the mysteries of the Earth's upper atmosphere."

Understanding the space weather is important for some reasons; For this reason, at least, we can highlight the efficiency of satellite technology, a large percentage of the population used every day.

Image source: Reid Wiseman / NASA

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