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NASA's 1st flight to the moon, Apollo 8, celebrates its 50th anniversary


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – Fifty years ago, on Christmas Eve, the death row, rebellion and victorious war closed an heroic and hopeful story reading the book of Genesis in the Apollo 8 book of three astronauts directly on television. moon.

On that day, the 1968 mission is considered the most dangerous and dangerous compromise of NASA. The first stage of human beings traveled to another world to get the moon to Apollo 11 to fall seven months later.

There was a risk of unprecedented and unprincipled for the first time putting three men on the giant new rocket and sending it to the moon. The mission was reunited for four months to reach the dawn, at the end of the year, before the Soviet Union.

Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders were in favor of the old reading of commanders.

In the end, there was a picture called "Earthrise", dressed in blue and white, showing the human race. Remote scenery with gray dark and 240,000 miles (386 million kilometers).

The humans never had their eyes on the far side of the moon or filled with cosmic oasis on our planet, surrounded by empty void spaces. Around half a century later, the 24-day astronauts flew on the moon.

Apollo 8 is still a crew: Borman and Lovell 90 are Anders 85.

In Lovell, the trip had a real thrill and romance exploration, and the Americans Martin Luther King Jr. and a pompous cliff marked by the death of Robert Kennedy, an outrage and protest against the war in Vietnam.

The impact of the mission was as optimal as possible in the four languages ​​in Borman. "Thank you, you saved it 1968."

Jim Bridenstine of the NASA Administration – Apollo at the age of 43 – In April we decided to launch four months into the moon of the astronauts in August. It's pushing back to the moon, but this is the next go-round with the real past.

While the space agency was targeting missions and landed on earth, Bormane and his crew went to the moon to overcome the superb and extinct moon on the way to the moon. And this was despite his previous test flight, he lost parts of the Saturn V rocket and the motorcycle failed.

"It's more worrying than that," Bridenstin said earlier this month, Apollo 8 would be on the moon and on the moon on Christmas Eve. "In other words, if it failed here, Christmas would leave not only the United States, but also worldwide".

As the first moon approached, Borman's wife asked Susan to discover the crew's possibilities. NASA Director replied: 50-50.

He wanted to get to the moon on the Boulevard and return quickly. In his opinion, there would be only one return during the moon. His master made more.

"Throughout my flight, my main concern was that of Russians before and at home. That was the significant achievement of my eyes," explains Borman Chicago's "Rocket Men" book.

Everyone at the end agreed: they would be ten orbit.

Saturn V folding on Saturday, December 21, 1968 happened.

On Christmas Eve, the space ship entered the orbit of the moon. Prior to bedtime, first-world submissions read the first 10 verses of Genesis. Borman left before the flight to find "something suitable", what he hoped to be the greatest show for today's audiences.

"We all tried to figure something out a little bit, and it was all trite or stupid," recalls Borman. Eventually, a friend's friend's wife came up with Genesis's idea.

"At first," Anders read: "God created heaven and earth …"

Borman finished the broadcast: "And with the crew of Apollo 8, good night, good luck, we have closed a Christmas Day and bless God, all of you on Earth."

In the morning of Christmas, his spacecraft went to the moon the last time. The necessary motors for firing ground were fired at the Houston Mission Control mission. Lovell kept silent as the ship appeared again: "Please, inform us it is a Santa Claus."

In Houston, Limousin driver shook the door of Marilyn Lovell, and a gift was picked up by a letter from a mink steal: "To Marilyn, Christmas on the moon." Lovell bought his wife and prepared her beautiful outfit.

Splashdown dusk occurred on the evening of darkness on the 27th of December, and closed an incredible six-day trip. The Time Magazine was named "Year Men" for three-year-old astronauts.

It was not until after the astronauts sank their significant images of Earth.

Anders released an iconic Earthrise motion on the fourth horizon of the moon on the crew, changing black and white cinematographic colors to make the planet look elegant and fragile.

"Oh my God, look what is there!" Anders said. "It's on the ground. Wow, that's nice!"

Before the flight, nobody thought of the Earth picture, according to Andersen. According to astronauts, they got photographs of potential lunar lands, 70 kilometers (112 kilometers) above the moon in orbit.

"We have searched the moon and found it from the Earth," said Anders.

Its Earthrise photo is the current environmental movement column. It continues to be the heritage of Apollo and human achievement, said Professor John Logsdon of the Space Policy Institute of George Washington University, in spite of the fact that there is no border policy in space.

Anders asked, and now: "This is not a great place, why can not we get it?"

The remains of Lovell remain. In fact, he would leave his face on the ground.

"Over 3 billion people, mountains, oceans, desert, everything I know is behind my finger," he recalled at the anniversary celebration of the Washington Cathedral.

Nicole Stott is an astronaut-artist who claims to be a golden anniversary to show Earthrise again. The Spanish record and three other passengers celebrate Friday's NASA Kennedy Space Center for the launch of Apollo 8 for 50 years.

"I think this image gives us who and where we are in the universe so beautifully," he said.

In July 1969, Apollo 8 cried Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in the Apollo 11 moon. At Apollo 8, said George Washington's Logsdon, NASA would not recognize John F. Kennedy as chairman at the end of the tenth year.

Bormane and Anders never escaped to space again and Soviet cosmonauts never went to the moon.

Lovell started the Apollo 13 patient – "but it's another story." This flight was the sharpest, he said, "but an Apollo 8 exploration, repeating the Lewis and Clark expedition … finding the new Earth."

– This report was issued by federation journalist Federica Narancio in Washington.

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