Tuesday , January 26 2021

NASA's asteroid bundle makes an incredible land shot of 71 million kilometers – BGR

NASA is breaking down images of distant worlds, galaxies and stars, but it is often not possible for the space agency to see a new angle. The OSIRIS-REx mission is an asteroid that is being investigated with more detail than ever since, but scientists seem to look like a remote planet on our planet.

He reached space-rock in Bentzen in late last year, and enters an orbit through a calculated plane, eventually taking its material sample. In the middle of December, the NavCam space camera took an image behind the Earth's direction and probably.

Three specific objects stand out in the image above. The brightest three-dimensional frame in the lower left corner of the Earth and the Moon is slightly shining.

The sun's top-right sphere is not much higher (although it's easy to see why this first thought may be), but it's actually the OSIRIS-REX goal, Bennu. The asteroid is a bright light that reflects the sun's light and makes NavCam the monochrome photo shine bright.

"The space of the Bennu area is only 27 miles (43 km), so the asteroid appears at the top right," OSIRIS-REx group shows in the top right "in a blog post. "The head of Hydra Constellation is also visible in the lower part of the image."

The other planets are seeing very distant, so it is far from far away from the crust. In the end, OSIRIS-REX did not take a long trip to Bantu, to make a stunning shot on the Earth, and there are months of serious NASA team work.

The spacecraft will spend the next year or so, the Bennu surface will be examined, without touching it at all, scaling off a stone sample and enthusiastically returning to the Earth.

Image source: NASA / Goddard / Arizona University / Lockheed Martin Space

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