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NASA's asteroid DECLARATION: With collision course in Bennu & # 39; INCREDIBLE is shown on the planes | Science | News

"It is believed that the" astrologer "that is endangering life's life is considered" dangerous "to Earth. NASA's space agency NASA has made 2,700 asteroids, known as Bennu, becoming a 2,700 asteroid planet on a planet that will be on this planet, as we know from the end of the Earth's life. Recently released images have shown a detailed view of seemingly watched "apocalypse asteroids".

NASSA's Bennu-OSIRIS-REX Spaceman has taken pictures of more than 1,400 million miles of space deadly space.

OSIRIS-REx has been orbiting Bennu since the beginning of 2019 to find out more about asteroids.

Bennu is only about 1,000 feet (500 meters), it is the smallest object in orbit through an artificial satellite in Bennu.

When the final set of images was received, it was only a mile in the OSIRIS-REx Bennu surface.

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OSIRIS-REx Twitted Twitter account: "When I fly around Orbital A around Bennu, my scientific cameras are not collecting data.

"But my navCam 1 imagers take optical navigation like this to control the video of the asteroid."

OSIRIS-REx moved away from the Earth two years ago to investigate and return to a Bennu sample in 2023.

OSIRIS-REx will orbit the Bennu orbit throughout the year, before approaching a rock sample of an asteroid surface.

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OSIRIS-REx mission is to return the sample sample of 2.1 bowl.

The OSIRIS-REx Twitter account has been added: "Home-run is traveling to less than 1.9 million km from home (2.2 million km).

"I will continue around or around the end of February, to start a series of flybys for a detailed poll."

Asteroid Bennu can be a rock that is rich in carbon.

A statement by NASA explains: "By analyzing a sampling of Bennu, planetary scientists understand better the role of asteroids in composing Earth's life.

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"We know that Bennu was studying terrestrial and space telescopes, either carbon or carbon-rich asteroid, which hangs organic molecules on this hinge.

"Bottle is rich in organic molecules, carbon chains are made through chemical recipes linked to oxygen, hydrogen, and other elements.

"Apart from carbon, Bennu could be another ingredient for whole life: water trapped in minerals that form asteroids."

The space probes first used the NavCam 1 navigation camera, which is usually used to track Bennu's orbit.

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