Sunday , May 16 2021

NASA's Asteroids DECLARATION: Around the Earth 269ft of giant asteroids TODAY | Science | News

NASA Asteroid 2019 A surprising asteroid called "Earth Close Approach". Asteroid orbital calculations will reach space rock near the Earth in a few hours. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) expects an asteroid on AR2 Sunday, Sunday, January 13, starting at 2.28. When the unexpected flyby reached 10 days of space velocity, NASA's speed was first detected on January 3.

During the current flyby, the asteroid passes through a speed of 10,780 mph (4.82 km per second) speed.

Fortunately, NASA does not expect space rock to leave Earth soon.

Instead, the asteroid will lose two million kilometers of Earth.

But the asteroid is large enough and NASA must close the trip around the solar system.

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JPL measures somewhat asteroidal AR2 calculations at 121.4ft and 268ft (37m and 82m) in diameter.

This second asteroid is 10 times larger than the red two-wheeled bus in London and is 1.45 times higher than the Tower of Pisa tower.

Although the lower end of the budget, the asteroid has nine times more than the Volkswagen Beatle car.

Asteroids have been much smaller than AR2 when they call chaos and destruction against Earth.

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The most recent example is Chelyabinsk Meteor 2013, which fell six years ago over the Russian Chelyabinsk oblast.

A 65.6 meter wide (20 meter) meteor stopped to enter the Earth's atmosphere and injured more than 1,5000 people in large windows.

NASA called an "event of awakening of the cosmic" horrible incident in the dangers that are hidden in deep spaces.

The US space agency said: "The explosion that the bursting of Hiroshima destroyed in the atomic bulb was released more than 30 times."

Today, Asteroid AR2 will lose 0.01954 astronomical units (au) or 1.8 million km (2.92 million km) around the Earth.

This is roughly the distance between the Earth and the Moon 7.60 times.

At the same time, NASA called Asteroid AR2 called "Near-Earth Object."

NEOs are described any weekly weekly 1.3 astronomers or 120.8 million (194.4 million km).

NASA said: "Earth Near Objects (NEOs) asteroids and asteroids are the gravitational attraction of the nearest planet to enter the Earth's neighborhood.

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