Saturday , June 10 2023

NASA's Curiosity rover discovered the curious and bright objects in Red Planet – RT US News


NASA's Curiosity rover has made a rather strange discovery of Marsen. Shiny, shiny, mysterious, and perhaps (or perhaps not) a meteorite.

Written on Wednesday's blog, Susanne P. Schwenzer doubled the identified object "Little Colonsay".

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"Little Colonsay is one of the tries to get a better perspective. The planning team believes that it may be a meteorite, but it's bright, but it seems to be deceiving, and it only comes from chemical proof." he wrote

The object has been seen by Rover at ChemCam on Monday.

NASA is the most advanced technological advancement of Curiosity Rover technology, with 17 cameras and an army army specialized in tools and tools. Its mission is: it was Martian, or that is, to have a microbial life.

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