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NASA's InSight phone home, photo beams back to the surface of the Mars 1 – National


NASA's InSight has "made a home call" with Mars successfully taking over the surface of the planet.

The NASA probes sent two new photos of their new home, after a successful touchdown of around 3 p.m. ET on Monday.

"My first photo # Mars's" space agency tweeted. "My lens cover is not yet extinct, but I have had to show the first look at my home".

NASA's eighth race was successful due to the Viking of 1976 and six years earlier. NASA's curiosities, which arrived in 2012, continues in March.

FIRST MYS: NASA's InSight landing is a costly test for Mars

After a few hours of landing, the craftsman took a second photograph, clearly emerging from the red planet.

"Here is a quiet beauty, looking forward to exploring my home," NASA said.

InSight, an international $ 1 million project, a German mechanical mole, sheds a five-meter hole to measure the heat of Mars. The Earth also has a seismometer, to measure quake, in a geologically quieter neighbor. Another experiment will calculate Mars & # 39; wobble to make the makeup of the planet's core appear.

Rock Day Green Day revealed a connection to the NASA and Mars project, from the "Green Day since 1986" to a chip installed on the ground.

"Marte officially running" tweeted the group.

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