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NASA's Nancy Grace Roman, known as the "Hubble Mother," 93 died

Nancy Grace Roman, the first astronomer at NASA, puts forward a 1962 Orkestra Solar Observatory (OSO) model.
Image: NASA

Nancy Grace Roman, the former NASA director, points out that she is the "mother" of Hubble space telescope in the 93rd month.

Roman, a former employee of the National Aeronautics and Spatial Administration, was the first female executive agency agency, reported by Associated Press. After obtaining his doctorate in 1949, the astronomer of the University of Chicago, astronomer, joined the Roman NASA in 1959, the head of the NASA Headquarters Science Astronomy Office and retired for nearly twenty years in 1979, according to NASA.

He took part in advanced programs such as Heart Earphone Explorer, and as his common name suggests, the beloved Hubble Space Telescope.

Romain recalls the woman's career as a women's University of the American Women's Association for violence against women, as reported by Washington Post. Romain has had a significant influence on education and throughout the career he has had significant obstacles during his time when he was not a woman, especially at the executive level. In most cases, Hubble is one of the fastest part of the early development of the program, mainly related to financing and proposals.

According to Post, "The Universe in a Mirror," Robert Zimmerman writes and wrote: "In the 1960s and in the early 1970s, nobody in NASA had any importance in getting Hubble's first designs and concepts."

According to NASA, Roman prizes and awards are: Aerospace Women Lifetime Achievement Award, NASA Exceptional Achievement Scientific Award, and NASA Outstanding Scientific Leadership Award, among others. Last year, the Romans were greatly honored as part of a Lego series designed by female NASA grandparents, such as Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison.

Roman died after continuing illness. According to the post, no family member survives.

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