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NDP denounces seven workers at Big Country meetings, UCP's environmental minister resigns


Premier Rachel Notley and Shannon Phillips, Alberta Environmental and Parks Minister announced a proposal for the creation of a new Bighorn Land and Public Park on November 23, 2016 in Edmonton.

Shaughn Butts / Postmedia

Government officials filed seven bullying cases after the proposals of the Bighorn Wildland Park, according to the documents obtained by Postmedia.

Shannon Phillips, Environmental and Parks Minister, said on Wednesday that security concerns provoked the abolition of the provincial meetings in Edmonton, Red Deer, Drayton Valley and Sundre.

"It's a fluid situation," he told the reporter. "It is unfair to people with a minority … whose behavior is completely non-democratic."

But Jason Nixon's CEO blamed UCP's "false liar" minister, citing comments on what he was doing about the RCMP.

"The minister is backpedaling (sic) trapped in a lie", he tweeted on Tuesday.

He also saw in a meeting that threats and horror claims were inadequate.

"Obviously, we should condemn all documented events in the strongest possible terms, but for now there is no such documented event," said a statement.

When reporters made a teleconference on Wednesday, Phillips said the involvement of RCMP involved in crime is to be forged. He quickly directed the record and tweeted that there is no open investigation.

In November, the province announced a proposal of $ 40 million to create a new park in the three provinces and the Bighorn Country recreation area between Jasper and Banff National Parks. Public opinion includes the impact that the project may have on the use of industrial and vehicle use.

Phillips aborted sessions on Saturday, his office allegedly received reports of harassment and intimidation.

Postmedia learned by email – addressed to Nixon in December, where the Nordegg business owner bullied in his community.

Nixon has said the public debate "has been totally civil" and has denied the harassment allegations.

Phillips has said Wednesday that government officials were harassed, but there would be no details.

Seven complaints from public servers

Postmedia government officials reported alleged persecution in November and December. Seven complaints were mostly persecutionally persecuted, and one worker in a situation complained that his shoulders are "a public touch".

This statement also condemned that person who passed the proposal that threatened physical violence.

In another instance, one employee said someone had made the right comments.

The list was also the eighth complaint in January, for example, the organization received scary telephone calls and Facebook messages.

Postmedia does not check complaints.

On Wednesday, the UCP called for the resignation of Phillips.

"The minister has examined the rest of the credibility of the Bighorn file," wrote Nixon.

No police officers

The Alberta RCMP said that they were in contact with the citizen participation, the police wanted to know about social media interactions.

Media Relations Manager Fraser Logan has said the police have not done any inquiries to make inquiries.

Phillips said the phone numbers of the community's citizens will be organized next week.

People's information sessions will be reset to ensure public safety, which guarantees that the rooms are secure, he added.

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