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Neil deGrasse Tyson 3 Accused of Sexual Discrimination for Women, "Cosmos & # 39; Nets and Producers Promise for Research


by Brent Furdyk.

5 hours ago

Neil deGrasse Tyson is accused of sexually accused sexual exploitation, given by the three women's sexual sexual orientation experiences, by renowned astrophysicists and host of "Cosmos".

When speaking with Patheos, Dr. Katelyn N. Allers (professional colleague) reminded him that he felt "felt" in Tyson after a 2009 2009 Alaska Association of Astronomy of Alaska (AAS).

"He was in Tyson, and he was dancing and drinking, and all that was at a party, a friend and me The image decided with him, "Dr. Allers tells Patheosis."After taking a picture, I watched my tattoos, and I looked at it, and I was obsessed with whether Pluton was tattooed or not … and then he looked at Pluto and followed the tattoo to my dress. "

Tattoos have a "realistic solar system, which hangs on his arm and on the back and the kidney," and Tyson started peeking under his dress to find the planet.

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As Dr. Allers admits, what happened was not the level of assault, it proves that Tyson was "a dire behavior".

Another accuser has also appeared: Ashley Watson, who worked as a Tyson assistant, due to her sexual advances. According to Patheosus, Tyson repeatedly stated that his "predatory tendencies" had strived to persuade him to persuade himself.

In addition, the musician Tchiya Amet gave a graphic interview to Pathe, Tyson dumped and raped him in the 1980s.

According to Amet, when he offered a drink that reminded him of staying in the apartment of Tyson. The next thing he recalls, "he woke up in his bed, I was naked … When I found out I saw it, he reached me and assembled me, and I passed it again."

Amet said he had not reportedly assaulted, when he said, "A student and a member of the faculty had some disapproval and were told to the authorities, they both told me they did not tell me anything about ruining a person's life."

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In response, Tyson's command to investigate the network and products behind Emmy's "Cosmos" reboot.

"It is the testimony of the heart of Cosmos in the heart", said the producers of the show Mumuga. "Cosmos producers do nothing less in these situations, we are committed to a thorough research on this subject, as soon as we conclude."

"We only met the latest reports about Neil deGrasse Tyson," Fox and National Geographic added a joint statement. "These issues are very important and we're reviewing the latest reports."

Tyson has not responded yet.

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