Netflix is ​​already axed Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and daredevil, The stars of these shows believed that the MCU should continue. Fans were not surprised when Iron Fist The window left since it was horrible in the first season. The second season rose sharply, but it was hardly expected. Luke Cage & # 39;The cancellation was abrupt but when daredevil He was axed, Marvel fans began to feel betrayed with betrayal. The questions began to emit online, for example, "Will Jessica Jones Can it be next? "and" What does it consist of? Punisher? "It seems that the first one will go next.

One Redditor sends out a survey of a Netflix survey. The poll asks "What would you be desperate to know if there was no season in the next series?" Continues in the Survey list Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. Defenders and Punisher They left the survey but Iron Fist He allegedly entered into a similar survey. Netflix crawls its users or is trying to measure how much of an L is canceled by Marvel properties?

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