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Never the biggest diamond – Canadian news


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The Canadian mining company finds that the largest diamond find in North America has been found.

Dominion Diamond Mines says that 552 kilate diamonds were found to be yellow in Western Northwest by its Diavik mines in October.

The previous record holder, "Diavik Foxfire", was found to be in pain in 2015.

Dominion, 40 percent of the Diavik mine, says the discovery "unexpectedly marks this part of the world and a real milestone in diamond mining in North America."

He will not be jealous of selling in his trash, and the company will find a meal next week to cut and wet the stone.

The company says it is too early to determine the value of a giant diamond, but Diavik Foxfire finally made two bills for two million dollars.

"Diamonds' color and texture are a unique example of natural diamonds, which are the result of their transformation," said Kyle Washington, President of Dominion Diamond Mines, on Thursday.

"Our Diavik Mine has produced some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, which is undoubtedly on the list."


December 15, 2018 / 4:33 pm | Story:

After five years, the Quebec corruption unit has difficulties in hiring members and has filled several positions.

Frederick Gaudreau, at the head of the acronym of the French acronym at the UPAC, has contributed to the lack of strict coverage in the media.

"Yes, that's a good thing, I do not want to deny," said Gaudreau in a recent magazine, in the presentation of the annual report of the unit. "I am not hiding as a challenge for people to collect".

In addition, the report shows that the voluntary outflows of permanent employees of UPAC are 30%.

In the unit, with about 350 workers, Prime Minister Jean Charest of 2011 created allegations of corruption allegations and illegal political parties in the Quebec construction industry.

The manager of the unit recently performed by Gaudrea, Robert Lafreniar after his predecessor, resigned on October 1, the latest province on election day.

There was no reason why the Lafrenian decision to go down. He was the head of the unit since it was founded. He resumed his work in 2016 and ended his mandate in 2021.

However, the media in Quebec has occurred in the corruption corruption unit for a few months, and the reports unite that the unit has a moody, low-level environment.

At the press conference, the UPAC also reveals that Charest and Liberal Party treasurer Marc Bibeau have been investigating illegal offenses during many years.

The detainees did not conduct any investigation and Charessa denied any mistake.

He was pleasantly surprised when two men were still investigating.

"If we talk about a study we are talking about, we could endanger research," he said. "It is important to not comment on the implementation of an investigation".

According to a Liberal Quebec lawmaker, "they have been destroyed" after directing the UPAC, the province's government asks for a fine of $ 550,000.

In October 2017, Guy Ouellette was arrested by the alleged corruption unit to be sensitive to Charest and Bibeau's investigations.

Ouellette, an old police officer, denied claims and was never charged.

The negative coverage of Gaudrea's media coverage has affected the recruitment of officers to the unit, but the change is expected.

"My goal, I would say, is to ensure that the work done by the population in the field (and) in the past has been removed by people from any past and unwanted concerns," he said.

Report made in December 2017, included in the media, voltage palpation and trust management units.

The public safety department of Quebec announced in October that the province's police, known as the EIB, will investigate the confidential information from the UPAC.

Gaudrea said that a dozen posts have to be completed by researchers and several support staff.

There is little interest in the new generation of police in the fight against corruption, because of the complexity of consultations that take a long time.

"Persons who tend to work with short-term dossiers are not necessarily motivated by our inquiries," he said.

Gaudrea said that, with no specific data, a large part of the contracted party at the UPAC does not experience any manipulation studies.

"It is clear to me that we need to evolve the UPAC 2.0 model," he added.

Gaudrau also said he has not left Canada to seek researchers.

"We are open to considering something," he said. "What we are looking for is a great motivation for people who are looking for this type of query."

December 15, 2018 / 10:39 a.m. | Story:

When a pet in the Halifax area was in a box in a box, it ended 1,200 kilometers from home, after being sealed by its owner and immediately distributed.

Anita Kapuscinska, director of the SPCA director in Montreal, says the organization was granted a call for Purolocus on December 7, when they found a cat found in the Dartmouth package.

The SPCA monitored the owner, when he realized his pet, while he was preparing to ship his tires ring box.

Although 17-hour trial, Baloo's cat was found in good health, and Kapuscinska describes it as "very loving".

Baloo is on the way home and has microcontinents, so he can find the family, if he takes it on any holiday holiday.

Kapuscinska recommends that a cat check out anyone before packing boxes, which is the favorite spot of feline furry.


December 15, 2018 / 9:44 a.m. | Story:

There was an agreement on the rules governing the Paris climate regulation on Saturday, after officials from 200 countries in Poland two other weeks later.

The 2015 Paris Convention was the most important moment in international diplomacy, and the government had very different perspectives to face the common threat of global warming. But according to the agreement, the average global temperature may be greater than 2 centimeters (3.6 Fahrenheit), or 1.5 C (2.7 F), if possible, the beautiful print has been terminated.

The meeting in the southern part of the Polish city of Katowice was how countries made a review of greenhouse gas emissions – a key factor in climate change and their efforts to reduce them. Poor countries also had guarantees of economic support to reduce emissions, raise sea levels and adapt to the inevitable payments of damages.

"We've done a long way," Canada's Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, told The Meeting at the All-Round meeting scheduled for The Associated Press Saturday afternoon. "In truth, the negotiations have been delayed, large bargaining groups have been carried out throughout the night, the carrier's diplomacy, and we are currently trading."

The most important point of joining during the speeches was how the carbon market operating market was created. Economists believe that the international trading system could be an effective way of reducing emissions and generating large amounts of money laundering measures.

"We want to reach about a billion polls. Someone believes that national governments do not believe it," said McKennak. "Ultimately, the market will be very important in the cleanest solutions we need, the help and effectiveness of the countries and how we do it."

Rich Brazilian economies have opposed the demands of rich countries, as a result of a system created by the 1997 Kyoto Accord to abolish carbon credits.

"Still there are still possible outcomes and Brazil continues to work in partnership with other parties to find a viable means," said Antonio Marcondes, the main negotiator.

Polish talks are concerned, however, among scientists that global warming continues to grow faster than the government.

The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has concluded that global warming at 1.5 degrees (2.7 degrees F) at the end of the 20th century is possible compared to pre-industrial times, that is to say, the global renewal of the economy, as well as fossil fuels.

The efforts made in the final text of the party were approved by the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the mid-term talks, which boosted the upsurge of weaker and environmental groups.

While some officials questioned the meeting format, tens of thousands of participants, Greenpeace International's head Jennifer Morgan stressed how important it was to put together all the countries around the world.

"We mainly need a multilateral process that is not the poorest and smallest non-G20 countries," said the group of 20 large and emerging economies that recently joined Argentina. "But the rich countries, like those of the European Union, are not quite disturbing, especially in the face we are seeing a 1.5 report."

December 15, 2018/7: 13 | Story:

There was a $ 60 million prize jackpot Friday night drawn by Lotto Max.

In addition, they had a total of $ 46 million, totaling $ 1 million and winning card holders in 19 countries.

On Saturday, the next Lotto Max's jackpot on December 21 will be approximately $ 60 million, but the maximum Maxmillion prize will reach 50.

December 14, 2018 / 5:24 pm | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the biggest challenge associated with cannabis legalization has been a shortage of supply, but hopes that it will disappear within a year.

At the end of the interview at the Canadian Press Room, Trudeau would solve the planned problem "in the next few months and maybe next year." The shortage of cannabis was noticeable in Ontario and Quebec.

Trudea said that the Québécois legislature came into office this month was unfortunate, raising legal age for cannabis consumption from 18 to 18.

A restricted approach to the province can not prevent one of the main goals of legalization, especially in order to limit organized crime, he said.

"In the case of young people between the ages of 18 and 21, they are forced to buy criminal goods, it will not help to remove black goods," said Trudeau.

Rather, he continues, he maintains a black market that is selling between 18 and 21 years old, but maybe sold to young people between the ages of 17 or 16. "

December 14, 2018 / 4:30 pm | Story:

Ontario judge Mike Duffy's Senate coup for a financial downturn offering its dramatic and long-standing seats, without paying five years ago, as the Senate's multimillion dollar issue as the target.

Justice Sally Gomery said on Friday that the Senator's decision to end Duffy's suspension through parliamentary privileges is due to the right of the legislators to meet their judges for their work to defend judges. Duffy can not take the Senate. the court over its actions.

The Gomery Senate is striking in the Court of Duffy, which looked for more than $ 7,800 million in the chamber, the RCMP and the federal government.

In a statement after the ruling, Duffy "took the necessary time to review the decision and consider some options," he said.

Duffy is looking for damage after the early profiling claims claim, resulting in the acquittal of 31st 2016 criminals.

In August 2017, he presented his claim, claiming "the most unprecedented power abuse". Most Senators voted to vote in November 2013 before submitting criminal charges.

In January, he took the Senate trial and both sides passed two days in court in June, making arguments.

Duffy's lawyer argued that Stephen Harper's staff could refuse Duffy's homeowner's claim to the political uprising, and he left the upper chamber as a privilege for the conservative Senates to address the case of Prime Minister's office.

The Senate further argued that executive interference does not change the institutional privilege.

Gomery, in his judge, said the court allows the Senate to stop adopting decisions to enable Duffy to act as the independent chamber of the top chamber. "He must respect the imperative of the constitution," he said, and Duffy said he should do the same thing.

"Parliamentary privileges unify the decisions and behaviors underlying Senate Senate Senate Senate Complaints, and the court does not judge its role and justice," writes Gomery. "Actions that take place in the actions that support the parliamentary privileges do not give any reason whatsoever in relation to the rights of judges or unions or of the Duffy Charter, only the Senate and the Senate can be done."

December 14, 2018 / 2:18 pm | Story:

A condemned drug trafficker, 23 years before his release to Canada's prison, has returned the US authorities.

The United States Court of Justice and Court ruled that the removal officers were sent to Frankish franchise Laveaux Francois, 56, with Canadian citizenship with Haitian nationality, on December 4, Canada.

Francois spent four years on May 31, 1995, when he disappeared into a furlough given by Canada's Law Service in 1995.

Cocaine was imported into cocaine in the United States and was detained at the age of 15 years, with the aim of downloading a large quantity of cocaine from a ship surrounded by Miami in 1990.

In September 1994 he returned to Canada. After eight months outside, he was given a fifth, and never returned, escaped from Haiti.

According to the United States authorities, in France, large quantities of cocaine began in Ukraine in Haiti, before being arrested in the United States in July 2007 by Drug Authority Administration agents arrested and extradited to the US.

In the same year, he was sentenced to conspiracy, importation and possession of positions to delay and punish 33-year-old bars.

At the end of October, his sentence was reduced to 13 years and he was released from Pennsylvania prison. He was immediately arrested in Philadelphia and the country was removed. At that time, the authorities indicated a prominent British mandate.

The people in charge of prisons in the Canary Islands confirmed that Francois was detained.

December 14, 2018 / 11:46 | Story:

The first new Canadian Guardian of the three coastline on the Davie Shipyard in Quebec will be appointed after a pioneer in the sea.

The Coast Guard took over the CGCS captain Molly Kool on that day, the St. During the Lawrence River during the shipyard ceremony. Federal officials also announced another $ 90 million in Davie's work.

The ship, bought in Norway from August to August, has been the first icebreaker for 25 years since the Coast Guard.

Myrtle "Molly" Kool became the first woman in North America to become a licensed ship captain. Alma, N.B. He was born in a seafaring family. In 1916, he won a great reputation in the awesome ship to transport the Bay of Fundy cargo.

The government mentioned a three-week cost in August, which announced a price of $ 610 million when it was bought and returned to Davie's Shipyard.

The budget documents were later revealed as fees, brokerage fees, engineering works, and other expenses, with a total cost of $ 827 million.

December 14, 2018 / 10:42 a.m. | Story:

The Transport Committee of the Safeguarding remote and northern airports are significantly unnecessary due to lack of adequate equipment for disinfectants.

In conclusion, the Council concluded that the Western Wind Aviation Plan had collapsed and Fond du Lac, Sask.

Twenty-five people in the planet were injured nine seriously, and 19-year-old Arson Fern Jr. He died in the hospital.

The researchers found that the riders were alerted to the aircraft's ice during the pre-flight inspection.

There were some defragmented airport devices, but Kathy Fox's vice president did not have enough stairs to reach the heights, and the hand-held spray bottle was not enough.

According to his research, the board carried more than 650 pilots to aircraft of remote airports. Almost 40 percent rarely or never freeze their aircraft.

"The questionnaire is clear: this problem is widespread, repetitive, and passengers and crew have to face unnecessary risks," said Fox on Friday.

"Provide tools for people to work: more upgradable, high-rise equipment, such as lifts and explosives, freezing and anti-icing.

"As the riders in the whole country have told us, you can not use what you do not".

Transport Minister Marc Garneau has said his department has promised to act.

"We called the department for the inadequate situation, urgently," he said in a statement.

Additionally, proper equipment, as Fox said, must avoid riders' pilots to fly with ice.

"It's human nature," he said. "Something can be dangerous once it's not doing anything wrong and it's safer to do it for the second time, it does not hurt you, but it can have negative consequences.

"This, on the contrary, needs urgent measures for Canadian and Air Transit operators."

December 14, 2018 / 10:32 a.m. | Story:

The Supreme Court of Canada condemned offenders who were forced to pay surcharges that help their victims, and the mandatory fee corresponds to cruel and unusual punishment.

On Friday morning warned the decision of 7-2 in Ottawa, the Supreme Court found a forced burden of the victim to carry out the financial burden of poor people and not to pay the detainee and continually threatening to be imprisoned.

"The judges have to be forced to impose a punishment for non-individual punishment", Justice Sheilah Martin writes the majority decision.

In the absence of a crime, in the case of addictions and mental health problems that are heavily proportional, the surcharge on a sentence is "publicly mercilessly merciless". "Most Canadians call it a powerful and unbearable punishment".

The surge of the victim has existed since 1988, but five years ago, Stephen Harper's conservative government did not have the authority to refrain from paying or not paying fees, which are mandatory in all cases. The surcharge is 30 percent a month, but at least $ 100 for minimum severity crimes and $ 200 more serious when there is no tax liability.

The change creates a strange judicial reaction, with some of the provincial courts, in some cases imposing a surcharge or not being so low. These resolutions recovered later appeals.

The case that led to the Supreme Court was the case of Alex Boudreault, who left the high school without a permanent job in September 2013 claiming the four payments did not comply with the probationary orders.

A few months later, Quebec's man was guilty of others, including breaking and penetrating, stolen property and a weapon.

In 2015, a Quebec court sued Boudreault with a sentence of imprisonment of 36 months and forced a $ 1.400 surcharge. The dismissal of the cause was violated by a court ruling against cruel and unusual punishment.

The Quebec Court appealed to Boudreault's appeal last year.

The Supreme Court met Boudreault's case and had six similarities to form the basis of Friday's ruling. In seven cases of criminal cases, they could not afford to pay surcharges, and seven were among those with poor physical and mental illnesses. Many also fought with dependence.

Friday's decision eliminates the amounts owed to seven crimes. Likewise, victims' surcharges may be imposed in any conviction, for no guilty, immediately afterwards.

December 14, 2018 / 10:25 a.m. | Story:

With less than a week of Christmas, Canada Post says the strikes begin to catch two packet shipments that have been postponed twice in the past two months.

As the Crown corporation says, it largely takes less than expected fish.

At the same time, however, agencies can not restore delivery guarantees, because backward it is sporadic in the whole country.

Canadian Postings are much smaller than the much-anticipated international shipping figures, with postal mailers making some progress in reducing delays in foreign locations.

Corporations called on mid-November to continue sending packages to international partners in Canada, supporting the country's footsteps.

International carriers confirmed their posting in section 27 after the federal government passed the professional legislation after crushing the rotary one.

"International volumes in this country are expected less than expected," said Canadian Post in a statement. "Proporting smaller input volumes, combined with time sampled items in Canada, we've made some progress this week."

The delivery of letter letters is "current", he said, allowing corporations, Christmas cards and e-mail to be delivered for a second period.

The Canadian Post said its staff are dedicated to voluntary overtime hours.

Additionally, the agency said it had contracted almost 4,000 additional seasonal workers and promoted its fleet of delivery with nearly 2,000 more vehicles.

The federal government has named Elizabeth MacPherson as mediator this week to negotiate negotiations between Canada Post and Canada's Post Office contracts with about 50,000 mail workers.

Both parties sat down at MacPherson's first meeting on Wednesday. Until Monday, both sides will have an agreement, although this week may extend another week.

If there is no agreement, the former President of the Canadian Industrial Relations Council was also responsible for commencing a joint arbitration process in January.

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