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New area: The city councils of Calgary decide on Flames

The performing artist presents himself to the Calgary city center in the arena / events center. Training given by CMLC.

Rossetti / CMLC

After closing the doors on the locked door, weekend, weekend, he will go to the quarter to find a decision on the proposal for Calgary Flames.

The Council set up a debate around the 6-month debate before 7-6 votes to increase the debate on the item, together with other items on this week's meeting this week's meeting.

COUN. Jeff Davison, the chair's event center – or arena committee, said he will continue the conversation later.

"The decision is likely in the field, so we will try to find a decision," Davison said.

"At the end of the day, it's a great file, the Council must have a healthy conversation about it."

Last week, the arena committee wrote the basic negotiation terms for the Saddledome replacement agreement, but the proposal's details could not be published until a provisional agreement was reached by Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corp., according to Davison.

"The proposed source of money approved by the Commission", which specifies the city's negotiation position, is a draft of a "municipal negotiation plan", approved by the Commission, but it must still be voted on.

The proposal could lead to the city's cash, according to Davison.

City officials and Flames avoided negotiation in the public place, face-to-face attempts instead of falling old.

Calgary Councilman Jeff Davison talks to the media on Monday, January 28, 2019. Darren Makowichuk / Postmedia

"Many people have to talk about the past's past, what's new about such aspects and trying to set up the framework," Davison said. "I believe that the expectations of municipal consumers are just that they are and that they have obtained an adequate amount of information."

Davison has stated that the City has also implemented a new city administration with the speed of the file that leaves Jeff Fielding, taking more time.

The decision was not a reversal on Tuesday, nor did the opposition to the negotiating terms established by the arena committee.

"Everyone will always have different questions and I would not necessarily call the opposition. I would call it a healthy conversation," Davison said.

"It's a mega project and at the end of the day, they all have nuances, they all have their own terms, each one has its own structures."

Some have been worried that the calves may not be able to say in the arena negotiations, much more has been decided until the file is negotiated with Flames.

The maintenance of the trust in the process is a priority, according to Davison.

"The Council is still part of the dialogue, when it receives the information from the public," he said.

"At some point we must present the framework of the Calgary Flames … The return to the Board is what must be confirmed, what we want to do to the public, and that would be when we seek the same agreement."

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