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New Cosmic John Gray with Dark Phoenix Trailer

New trailer Dark phoenix (otherwise known) X-Men: Dark Phoenix) has arrived and it is nice, well, dark.

From 2016 onwards Revelation and based on the celebration of comic history The Dark Phoenix Saga, the film sees Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) consumed by a cosmic entity in a space mission.

Since returning from the Earth of the Earth, the Phoenix Force has begun to become the strongest mysterious villain of Jessica Chastain ("the writer and director Simon Kinbergen"), and is X-Men, directed by James McAvoy X, stop it

You can see the lower trailer. Be careful, even if you want to get into cold films, it seems to be a massive advertisement – and potentially a spoilery – plot …

So I do not think Jennifer Lawrence's red-eyed Mystique ("Why did you do it? It was my friend …"). It's amazing that the trailer was a great moment, though it does not seem like it's expected.

In another place, as opposed to the mission of the Phoenix Force as a cosmic entity as a true cosmic entity, the trailer diminishes fear with any resemblance similar to that of the movie X-Men: The Last Stand – "Kinberg's" series of writers (and previous attempt to adapt the comedian writer), Phoenix regarded Jean as his individual personality.

This may be the last part to be adequate (we are still waiting New mutants) As we know from the X-Men franchise, Disney-Fox's agreement with bold mutant rights could return to Marvel, their spiritual home. If so, can Dark phoenix Finish a series at a height? The film will arrive at cinemas on June 7th.

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