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New Horizons Spaceship Ultima Thule flies the far-distance object explored

Millions of million Pluto went far beyond the reach of the solar system, there is an object called Ultima Thule. Its name means "beyond the world's known".

Although scientists detect it with telescopes, they do not know much about it. From a glance, Ultima Thule is a Kuiper belt rocket from the solar system beyond Neptune. It is unevenly shaped and has about 18 kilometers. They seem to be linked to two potatoes, such as:

The image of an Ultima Thuler artist.
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

On January 1st, New Horizons Spacecraft, a famous flying Pluto, will overtake Ultima Thule to explore this strange rock and learn more about the entire solar system in our system.

After that, New Horizons moved to Pluto in 2015, choosing his mission as a scientist for the next stop for Ultima Thule Kuiper, until New Horizons had the ability to reach its remaining fuel.

But the New Years flyby is significant because Ultima is the most remote object ever explored by humanity in the solar system, and the most primitive.

Due to the near age of the solar system, cold sun, distant, and calm solar system has been destroyed.

"We hope that Ultima is the best sample of the planetless building blocks," said Alan Stern, a senior editor at New Horizons, in a blog post. "What will be revealed to Ultima? Nobody knows me. That's exciting. This is pure exploration and a fundamental science!"

Ultima Thule is very far away.
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

To Stern, flyby and their images, Apollo 8's "Earthrise" picture will be a 50-year-old photograph. This picture was taken for the first time when humans were orbiting the moon. For the first time, we saw our planet from the perspective of another world.

This rising uprising of the Earth was greeted by apollo 8 astronauts, when they came after the moon.
SSPL through Getty Images

"During the exploration of Apollo 8 and in ours over the years, NASA has made history to explore further and further," Stern writes. "As a result, Carl Sagan has predisposed that a single planet or generation will be transformed from light perspective to real and explored worlds."

Right now, Ultima Thule is just the light. We will see how the New Horizons camera is seen, as the spacecraft is closer and closer.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research Laboratory / Henry Throop

But soon it will be much more than clear. The images of the object may be more dimmable than Pluton (that is million miles far from the sun). New Horizons has a camera that can make amazingly tricky details. Only images were captured on Pluto.

Remember that Pluto was clear. New Horizons was an incredible and dynamic world with a heart-shaped ice plane. This GIF shows the best image of Pluto since 2015 when he saw New Horizons in his historic flyby. Blob smudgy went to beauty.

NASA / ESA / M. Buie (SWRI) / STScI / JHU-APL / SwRI

(And yes, scientists are still discussing Pluto as being worthy of naming a planet instead of a dwarf planet).

New Horizons will make Ultima Thule 12: 33 at Eastern, January 1, beginning of the New Year. NASA to continue with NASA's live streaming (see below). New Horizons will also be sending audiences (December 21st) to celebrate the celebration.

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