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New pilot plans for remote community food New Nationen Staff, with the CTV Winnipeg report

Published: Thursday, 27 of December of 2007, 10:07 PM EST

Winnipeg uses a new driver license to feed north food in the north, and food prices are much higher than in the city.

On December 28, after some setbacks on the weather, Andi Sharma wants to fly about 160 kilograms of food to the Poplar River First Nation, as a flying community is about 350 miles north of Winnipeg.

"I came up with this idea and I thought," I agree, I've seen what's going on inside of the universe, "said Sharma CTV Winnipeg. "And the answer to the Winnipeg community was incredible."

Sharma acts as senior analyst at the Northern Healthy Nutrition Initiative in Manitoba, says he learned how to fly to puberty, but he got his pilot license last summer.

Sharma says that he had only just a few hours to raise the donation goods. The flight will be two and a half hours.

"When I work as a senior analyst in the South of the province, I am a very abstract food security company I feel," he said. "And this is a way that can make my hands dirty and go down to the community and abandon it, even in a small way." 1.4233077

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