Wednesday , November 13 2019
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New Samsung Smart TV supports keyboard and mouse access

The line between computers … and everything else goes crazy. It's a computer pocket on your phone. Is your thermostat smart? It is a specialized computer. How to play Netflix and YouTube content straight to your TV? Computer science

But it's easy to forget, because it does not interact with these devices, just as you do in a Windows or Mac computer.

Choose Samsung's new smart TV next year, even with the mouse and keyboard to interact with those that support applications, like a web browser.

That's why Samsung calls "Remote Access" thanks to its new features so you can use your PC inputs to control your TV.

Open the web browser and you can play content from non-applications. Or you can browse the web, play games, read news or use social networking services on another website.

You can also connect a wireless connection to a computer on another computer to control your TV remotely. This would allow Windows applications and games to be fundamentally used on TV with the mouse and keyboard, without having to connect the computer to a HDMI cable.

Remote Access feature comes with collaboration with VMWare virtual computer / virtualization company, and we hear more about it Samsung will present the 2019 Smart TV line in CES January.

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