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New Zealand has prohibited the use of Huawei 5G equipment

In another blow in Huawei, New Zealand Huawei 5G equipment has blocked the use of the country. Recently, in the latest developments in US penalties, New Zealand uses Huawei technology to reduce the next generation mobile data network in the country. Along with the United States, Australia and other countries, New Zealand has also joined.

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A new attitude has emerged in China, the country's most important telecommunications operator, which was unable to use Huawei 5G equipment. In response to the use of Huawei equipment, the country's intelligence service has denied a proposal that mentions the reasons for national security.

Large Chinese giants like Huawei and ZTE have been distributed to a variety of services in the US and in other countries. Many countries allegedly send these companies to the server in China. Although closely linked to Chinese governments, it is one of the other reasons taken in the decisions of different nations.

Australia continues its similar movement in August. US decision was made on the use of Huawei 5G equipment without affecting snooping or interference.

Although the United States Embassy of Australia stated, "They defend the United States of secure telecommunications networks and supply chains, under the supervision or control of foreign governments." Now, the USA also asks all of its allies and friends to make use of their equipment in the next networks.

Responding to these allegations, Huawei has said he is looking for the problem and will face it actively. In addition, Huawei is a private company and the Chinese government does not control anything. The company said in a statement "G.C.S.B. stated, this is the ongoing process," and "We are worried and we will work together to find a way forward".

US lawmakers have also been worried about business in South Korea's developed countries. While developing countries are constantly using Huawei equipment, it is an essential quality at affordable prices.


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