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News – Changing the magnetic pole changes unprecedented navigation repairs

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Saturday, January 12, 2019, 2:48 a.m. – The rapid change of the North Pole's magnetic energy is being investigated for the first unprecedented update, thanks to a pattern that Arctic makes with boat, aircraft and submarine navigation.

The north pole, far north of the Canadian coast, heads the needles of the head across the middle of the Arctic Ocean, moving across Russia.

"It is moving around 50 km (30 km) every year. It has not moved between 1900 and 1980, but has accelerated in recent years," said Ciaran Beggan, in Edinburgh's Geological Survey on Geology. .

A five-year update of the World Magnetic Model occurred in 2020, but the United States military demanded an unprecedented initial review, he said. BGS uses the United States Department of the United States of America and the Atmospheric Administration.

He said that the pole movement affected navigation, especially in the Canadian Arctic Ocean north. NATO and the United States and British military are among those who use the magnetic model and civil navigation.

Aurora Borealis (North Lights) can be seen above the northernmost mountain range of the Arctic Circle, near Mestervik Village, Norway on September 30, 2014. Credit: REUTERS / Yannis Behrakis

Changes in non-modifying changes in the liquid in the ground inland water. An update will be released on January 30, in the journal Nature, which is delayed on January 15. Due to the extinction of the US government.

"While the pulley is running fast, this region tends to make more mistakes," said Arnaud Chulliat, Colorado Geomagnetist Boulder University and the NOAA National Environmental Information Center.

He said that the last Polish pole poles would be uninjured by most people outside the Arctic, such as New York, Beijing or London smartphones.

The navigation system places cars or phones based on radio waves on terrestrial satellites and on the ground.

"It is not really a central or low latitude," Began said. "It would not really matter if anyone drives the car."

Aurora Borealis (North Lights) is seen from the North Arctic Circle mountain range near the Mestervik village on October 1, 2014. Credit: REUTERS / Yannis Behrakis

Many mobile phones have invasion compasses, such as maps or games like Pokemon Go.

In most places, however, the compass would only point out the mere failure, within the framework of five-year errors, He said.

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