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News Roundup: Mazda shows a new trick on his old dog for the renovation of Apple CarPlay


The Cold Start automobile news is tidy to accelerate in the mornings. In fact, it is difficult to keep pace with digital traffic. Except while you're away.

He remembers the Honda theme by placing the side door

2018 Honda Odyssey Touring

2018 Honda Odyssey Touring

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To drive

If you drive in the minivan Honda Odyssey 2018 or 2019 and suddenly all of your doors began to open, do not worry, you do not have ghostly miniflowers. He has made a Honda lawyer for 11,252 Odyssey minivans across the Canadian driver's door to drive driving open due to the operation. Do not call Ghostbusters. Just call Honda. Click here to see if your Odyssey is damaged.

Volume up! This could be the fastest BMW in the world

The BMW brand car has got six to 6,515 kilometers of direct E34 M5. You are wondering how, Click here for more details When Germany was born, South Africa tweaked dragging the monster. If you're asking a little, make sure the headphones do not appear too much cloud and click play on the video above.

Some Mazda owners can upgrade their cars with Apple CarPlay

Mazda Apple Carplay Android auto

Mazda introduced Apple Carplay and Android auto-upgrade 2014 and vehicle models vehicles

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For Mazda owners of 2014, current vehicle models can now upgrade their software and hardware to Apple CarPlay on iPhone or Android devices, to make calls, listen to and navigate music. (Both 2019 CX-5 and CX-9 have this feature.) Finally! The interested owners will visit a dealer for the upgrade facilities, which is the cost of $ 199, but the upgrade USB ports are faster charging, so it's not the headline. Read more.

McLaren does not show us the roof of the new 720S, because it probably does not exist


The theoretical image of the latest model of McLaren

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The explanations are so sweet these days! McLaren is public at the top of his new products. This time a part of the new 720S and a few puns based on arachnid-based. "Raised the roof" and "Clearer appear on the new McLaren supercar when it's online revealed". So it's a spider version or they hired a famous DJ and created a great pyrotechnics. Show occurrence. It is one or the other, surely.

Have you ever seen the Rolls-Royce rally car? You now

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Rolls-Royce Corniche is adapted for the Paris-Dakar rally

Christian Dior Archives

You should not send Rolls-Royce to work on Subaru, right? Some people give it up. Rolls-Royce Corniche, for example, participated in the 1981 Paris-Dakar rally and I know what was glorious! has a list of five unexpected cars, your friends will be able to review the trivia of your automobile history. Read more.

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