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Aza 26, 2018 / 5:18 pm | Story:

The Health Employers Association and The B.C. The Nigerian Union Negotiation Group announces the provisional agreement of 44,000 nurses in the province.

Agreement B.C. The mandate of the government to negotiate sustainable service, according to a three-year agreement in 2019, add a general salary of two per cent per cent.

The Order also accepts the ability to negotiate conditional financing, but the agreement details should not be confirmed after the vote.

The provincial agreement covers nurses, psychiatrists and licensed nurses covered in hospitals, long-term care and home care and mental health facilities.

According to the spokesman of the unions, voting votes will be made in the province until January 21, and the results are expected to be announced on January 22.

The Government recently publishes 155,000 public soldiers with more than 150,000 people, according to the mandate of the permanent service.


The police are investigating a murder in Newton's neighborhood in Surrey.

At 11:45 a.m., the RCMP was called to the Block 14600 block of Southview Drive after listening to the archives.

An adult was found to suffer from gunshot wounds but did not survive, Surrey said in an RCMP press release.

The police have seized the area and the Homicide Integrated Research Group has been called.

UPDATE: 1:35 p.m.

Surrey RCMP finds a 13 year old foul and is safe.

ORIGINAL: 6 a.m.

Surrey is trying to find a 13-year-old girl from the RCMP.

RCMP describes Irene Dan as missing females. It was finally seen at 8:00 p.m. Saturday, block 17600 of number 104 of Surrey. He did not see or hear.

13-year-old Aboriginal woman, five meters high, 90 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes.

In the end, he was wearing a gray reminder hoody (with the design of aboriginal art), pants, black backpack and shoes.

Police and families are worried about health and well-being, and for a long time they have to deny it for an unknown nature.

The information on the locations of this person will be requested by anyone
To contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.


A baby boy was found out outside the missionaries.

Children are in critical condition at the hospital, CTV News reports.

The RCMP discovered the discovery Monday, after finding a baby on Friday at the Heritage Park near the Child Care Center.

They saw a police tents and tarp, spreading the seat.

21-year-old woman was detained, but no charges were imposed.

– CTV with Vancouver files

Aza 26, 2018 / 1:14 pm | Story:

UPDATED: 1:15 p.m.

Two British civil law officers say they still do not know why they were placed in administrative authorization today, while they have resorted to their reset while police investigation continues their conduct.

Sergeant-in-arms Gary Lenz and House Secretary Craig James have denied a mistake at the news conference on Monday, and his lawyer repeated their request to reset them on Friday.

Lenz paused and his voice was filled with emotion, as he explained how much help he had received from his family and friends. Since leaving school since last week, unanimously, two men have been terminated for paid leave.

He was "shocked" at how he learned to let him go.

"Although you do not know what it is, I have not done anything wrong, and I am sure that the independent RCMP research will erase the wrongdoing," Lenz said. expression

James said that nobody had informed him about what he accidentally did or asked for the story.

"The reputation of my reputation is impossible," he said in a statement. "Healing can only begin to return to my work."

Two men said they were collaborating with the RCMP investigation and when James arrived in 2011 as an administrative secretary, since he was able to improve the legislative administration, the overall auditor would solve problems identified in a report.

"Soon we received our first clear audit," added James. "Then we picked it up".

ORIGINAL: 12:15 p.m.

B.C. Speaker. According to the legislature, the committee will decide whether or not to decide whether the two top civil servants should regain their movement in administrative authorization.

Letter from the three party leaders today, according to Darryl Plecas, said the move unanimously decided that in the last week of the legislature a periodic review of the resolution was issued.

Plecas said three leaders of the party "would not be appropriate for permanent civil servants to continue assembling in front of an active criminal investigation into the actions related to the meeting."

Gary Lenz Sergeant and secretary of the house of Craig James have been denounced because of their wickedness, they were released from the lawyer on Friday, leaving the legislature to abolish the move.

Both men have today organized a press conference today.

RCMP has said that it is investigating law enforcement personnel, but it does not say what the subject of science is and does not describe criminal investigations.

Liberal asked for an emergency meeting on the question of Plecas and why he hired a special consultant to investigate Lenz and James's concerns.

On Saturday, Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said the decision of his kaucus speaker Alan Mull's hiring for his birthday has many questions to seek Lenz and James administrative duties.

The loudspeakers have sent the RCMP to the office in August and Mimatugas are investigating with the help of two special prosecutors, in cases where they have refused.

Wilkinson said he had made some questions today, as Mullen told reporters on Wednesday, he began investigating before sending RCMP. Before Wednesday, the liberals thought Mullen's position as a responsible and driver-in-command, he said.

But Plekia in his letter says that Liberal did not make any objections at a meeting, before moving the motion to the house.

"The Opposition Opposition leader, Mary Polak, stated that she did not want her, or that she needed more information about accusations to find out that there was an active RCMP investigation," he wrote.

Plecas's work by Lenz and James is "crucial to the functioning and debates of the Legislative Assembly."

"They must be home-based and trustworthy, they have a presumption of innocence in criminal proceedings, but the active criminal investigation of their activities as a permanent civil servant will not be discarded."

The judge says that his office has asked the colleagues management team for their availability, after the meeting organized by the committee will end on December 6. It is headed by the Commission and consists of three heads of household. The other members of the Parliament are responsible for legislative financial accounting.

November 26, 2018 / 12:05 p.m. | Story:

Carole James, Deputy Minister, says that the economic growth of B.C. continues to be "strong and steady" and that the budget is going to record a surplus for the 2018-19 year fiscal year.

James builds a tax base or other income on the tax debt that is spent on the budget commitments, for the first four decades, zero has been reduced.

In the second quarter of the province, the tax results show a projected surplus of $ 1.35 million.

The Ministry of Finance announces a 2.2% increase in GDP this year and forecasts the value of goods and services produced by the province in 1.8% in 2019.

James points out that the dangers in the province are a drop in 250 million dollars from the Crown corporate corporation due to the loss of the British Columbia Insurance Corporation and the slowdown in the housing market.

In order to compensate for these risks, it represents an essentially reversible amount of 600 million dollars.

"The extra prudence is very critical … helping to ease tax impacts without any help", he said on Monday at a press conference.

James says RBC and other analysts continue to be positive about the economic growth of B.C. and will be the Canadian leader this year and the next, and in the next two months, the benefits of Kitimat's liquefied natural gas will be added.

"Private results expect that the economic growth of B.C. will be strong, as announced in the ranking of 2019 provinces," he said.

The 2019-20 budget was released on February 19, together with the third quarterly report.

A bicycle brawler attacked a runner on the ground and on a floor in a Victorian subway.

The woman was rounded off at a corner of Oak Bay and CTV News did a report.

Buck drove a woman by bicycle, shoulder injuries and cutting her neck.

The growing population community has been a constant problem.

The city has previously shed wild animals, and biologists are investigating how to infuse with birth control.

– CTV files in Vancouver Island

Aza 26, 2018 / 11:13 a.m. | Story:

The leaders of the first nations said the National Council of the National Energy in Victoria was reflecting on the impacts of the potential pipes deployed in Trans Mountain.

Fraser Valley Sto: The two leaders of Lo Tribal Council have said the protection of the Fraser River salmon, animal and territorial protection is a matter for its own responsibility and the danger that gas stations can damage their homes and culture.

But Chief Tyrone McNeil and Andrew Victor did not say anything about the expansion project.

McNeil, the vice president of the council of tribe, says the Council must understand that Sto: feeding their natives Fraser River and feeding them.

Sto: I think that all those who see are responsible for caring, such as Chinook salmon, the main source of food from the threatened southern killer.

Victor says Sto: I want to see the pipeline expansion project justification, ending the environmental assessments that analyze the risks and impacts of the dumping.

When the National Court upheld the broad acceptance, the new Courts of the National Court asked Canada not to consult with the United Nations first, or to influence shipbuilding traffic.

UPDATED: 11 a.m.

The 87-year-old Elizabeth Poulin has been the victim of the homicide of Vancouver's murder.

VPD researchers are causing the death of women and are trying to identify their suspicion.

"Research is the main priority of the police, based on the information gathered so far, the researchers do not believe that people are at risk," says Sgt. Jason Robillard.

ORIGINAL: 6:20 a.m.

Friends and neighbors ask that someone would kill an elderly woman.

15 victims of the murder in Vancouver, 2018, had a disabled woman named Betty, who died on Kingsway Avenue and Kerr Street. On Saturday morning he found his body.

Lori Hussey said she was only a woman. She covered her daughter with blood.

"It was very nice, very loving, very sweet woman, it would not hurt a fly. The only beautiful and wonderful person," said Hussey CTV.

"Why someone could do something unpleasant for someone to do an incredible action," added Jan O & # Leary to the next heart.

The police woke up on Sunday and are working with the BC Coroners Service.

VPD Konst Jason Doucette said the Homicide Unit is working to determine the cause of the murder.

– CTV with Vancouver files

November 26, 2018/8: 14 | Story:

A court inquest will be held this week, in the suicide of the 2013 RCMP spokesman, the first report on the death of Polish Robert Dziekanski, coinciding with the Vancouver airport police.

Sgt. Pierre Lemait briefly played on Mounties, Dziekansk played several times with Taser in 2007.

Lemait, who was dead at the age of 55, said Dziekanski was a fighter and destroyed two Taser explosions.

The civilian video later on these statements were incorrect, but Lemait witnessed a murder investigation in which they released details provided by detective killings.

Galdeket concluded that Lemait did not know how to mislead that information, but then had a relationship with the media.

The court murdered an officer's widow's case and Lemait believes that in the case of Dziekanski they would scourge.

Vice Deputy Chancellor and chairperson Vincent Stancato will hear the evidence of Burnaby for sworn witnesses to determine suicide events.

Court judge spokesman Andy Watson has said the jury may make recommendations to predict death in similar circumstances.

An inquiry can be ordered, said the chief leader, allegedly "as a result of a dangerous or dangerous practice of death."

The statement by Watson also said that if a survey is carried out, "if the citizen is concerned about the situation that surrounds it, it is considered a cause for which he is interested".

Aza 26, 2018 / 8:11 a.m. | Story:

Koi Oriental opportunist restaurant continues to eat and catch a great deal of food at the downtown Vancouver, where it is eating at least three fish.

The Vancouver Park Council reaffirms that social media feeds have gone more than a week ago to the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden Garden and in the garden 14 more precious koi have disappeared on Friday.

It is now estimated that 10 valuable fishes have been fattened for their survival, sized and special colors.

On the whole weekend, park workers removed the rest of the koi in the Vancouver Chinatown range in the pond network, but they were only captured.

The park's bars are now under the care of the Vancouver Aquarium.

For more information, meals will be tied to Fraser Valley Valley and will move.

Weather warnings and weather special weather conditions are in force at Coquihalla Highway and Fraser Valley on Monday morning.

Coquihallan's potential for freezing rain has slowed down advertisers' concerns.

Environmental Canada warns that conditions are very flexible and slippery if rain or wet snow falls below the surface surfaces.

A great snowfall is observed, borders and western kootenay areas.

From now on, on the coast, on the lower continent and in Fraser Valley, people are being asked for the keys to the stormy weather, as the region is expected to be affected by heavy storms and wind gusts.

Environmental Canada warned that this storm could bring a storm of 80 millimeters Tuesday morning.

This means that there is a potential for clean-up floods and river floods, rivers and windbreaks.

Hard winds of 70 km / h are also expected on Monday afternoon.

King Tide also has another potential on Monday morning. The False Creek was full of water.

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