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NFL: NZME NFL tragically resident fractures are divided

It's race time! The NFL area is slowly dwindling as it approaches the Super Bowl.

Eight teams are still hunting and this week HeraldChristopher Reive and Radio SportAlex Chapman, Nigel Yalden and Marc Peard will split between four candidates.

If you lost a week, see how we went here, otherwise, dive down below.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City – Sunday 10.35

Patrick Mahomes will play a spectacular season against Colts? Photo / Getty Images
Patrick Mahomes will play a spectacular season against Colts? Photo / Getty Images


With regard to top-notch defensive players, Colts does not have much to write at home. Still, for the seventh week, they concede the lowest NFL points. The close defense will be the key to Indy, if they decide what to do, to be honest, it's the funniest. Patrick Mahomes was incredible this year. The player called by the NFL's Steph Curry was immersed in this season to ridicule and run the quarterback. That's what Chiefs scored 565 points this season.

Prediction: Chiefs crime will be very good.

CR: In order to say goodbye to the backs of both sides, in this game we will do a lot of work. Patrick Mahomes and his assistant Colts Andrew Luck in the top position among five pedestrians; You can expect the ball to spend a lot of time in the air. Although Luck should be vigilant about his game, Chiefs was the best league champion in defense. Colts on Marlon Mack might be one of those behind. The Chiefs Times fought against opponent ground game this year, and the Mack 148-yard Wildcard Weekend is coming off the performance.

Prediction: Colts connects with Chiefs in a high score game. Marlon Mack plays a great deal of touch.

MP: AFC (Chiefs) vs. AFC is the hottest seed of the team (Colts). A quartet that does not match the post-season does not touch more than two pistol-skeletons. So Andrew Luck walks over performing hot and defensive? No We have the hope of Patrick Mahomes, his debut playoff in front of the Arrowhead Stadium home team.

Prediction: Chiefs by 7.

NY: Colts started my last season's season, and I loved coaching coach Andy Reid, I trust coach coaches. The playoffs, and so, especially with Colts, I'm in defense

Prediction: Colts won a second goal by Adam Vinatieri.

Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles – 2.15pm Sunday

Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott, two of the NFL's first races, this weekend at the square. Photo / Getty Images
Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott, two of the NFL's first races, this weekend at the square. Photo / Getty Images


Five weeks ago, the game could not be a LA promenade. But, somehow, it's been very common since losing Chiefs 3-2. On paper, however, you should win this Rams comfortably. However, Cowboys has had Ezekiel Elliott, and Dallas uses defense to defend more than five meters per port. Gurley's bounce will be the key to her knee injuries. Its work (1,831 meters) and the successful touch (21!) Will be the difference between the hosts.

Announcement: If Gurley has fires, Rams won. If not, Rarere Cowboy dance continues.

CR: This will be a great test for Rams defense. With regard to these attacks, the two are very good: they have won one of the best races in the league, wide range and quarterback riders. Cowboys will go outside, but the defense is close, allowing a 329-meter regular season. However, while working for opponents to work in the field, Rams is the best defense pick up passwords. This will be a fixed margin game – it can be decided by a giant boot or a fumble.

Prediction: Rams earned three points; Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot both scored.

MP: Nothing is more nervous than season after season and I've overcome the skates of seasonally flattened Rams. I'm pretty sure I have been in the defense of Rams for about a hundred meters. As I have already said, it's been a long time for what's happening and I expect that they expect an improved performance, but it's not enough to stop Cowboys' spectacular offense.

Prediction: give Demows & # 39; 3

NY: Cowboys was as good and effective as Seahaw won, they did not play badly against the opposition on the following day in the morning. The conversation must be narrow and enjoyable among the same teams; Inequality will be coaching / play-calling and coach Sean McVay will be the leader in the game, Rams gives decisive advantage over Cowboys.

Prediction: Ramsek has earned Cowboys coach as Jason Garrett sets the NFL record for each minute in a playoff game.

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Chargers @ New England – Monday 7.05am

Joey Bosa Chargers joined the defensive fight against the New England Patriots. Photo / Getty Images
Joey Bosa Chargers joined the defensive fight against the New England Patriots. Photo / Getty Images


Ugh, now, the chariot between the head and the heart begins. Certainly, is this about fixing the numbers? Right ?! Philip Rivers in the Philip Rivers quarterback's Chargers is 0-4 at Foxborough and 0-7 vs. Pats when Tom Brady starts. However, this season, the numbers really matter, LA 7-1 went on the road, against the Ravens last week. However, Pats are diverted at home this season. I want to find a way to take no new England. I really do it. The mean and so sharp, but Brady shines. The difference in this game will be the passport. How cool the chargers are Julian Edelman and being honest, Rob Gronkowski is broken.

Prediction: I hate myself, but Pats will come back and win 3. Or I do it or capitulate it and my colleagues restrict abusive texts.

CR: Patriots is the recognition of the most vulnerable of the league's annual division. New York Jets did not play any games since 2010, and Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills have made their final debut in the last decade. But, as long as it is unusual for many periods, do not tell them. Tom Brady has won and created a sketchy defense. That said, I think the Charger will have too much firepower for the Pats and the road will not be enough.

Prediction: The charger earns six or more points. Tom Brady has been released at least twice.

MP: Does the AFC always seem to have gone through New England? The image is: The Patriots are 9 years old in the first round … this is not the sport that is horny, it is equal to sketches and guilds. The chargers I like this season; I like it a lot. You have enough reason for the defense, threats and trusted crime that have been found at the right time.

Announcement: Provide chargers 1.

NY: I will waste time with a long diagnosis of this game. Patriots do not like me; I will never be able to, and I hope to completely crush the chargers!

Prediction: I like the patriots to change during this game.

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans – at 10:40 a.m.

Alvin Kamara has managed to leave the race. Photo / Getty Images
Alvin Kamara has managed to leave the race. Photo / Getty Images


Really Philly? Really? Are not you still a surprise place here! Saints are the favorite Super Bowl favorites, as Drew Brees quarterback MVP. They also have two rush defenses and they play in a dome. Do you have to be good? Eagles still are still, thanks primarily to the Nick Foles quarterback, with a freak and 10 starters with nine wins.

Scheduling: Saints must be trusted, but to be sure, Nick Foles will surely try again at Eagles – close to New Orleans.

CR: First of all, Chicago Bears does not take frustrations in this game. The opposition against the leaders of the League and the battle against a slight offense is not the amount that the Saints earn. Due to credit credits – a game by eagle was hell in Chicago trying to achieve the goal-to-match goal of the field, but Saints will be very good for them.

Prediction: Saints winning 10 or more. Alvin Kamara gets the first touchdown; Drew Brees throws 250-meter buttons.

MP: Eagles are no longer; You will not be saved at the end of a missed area this week. Saints, following the main match against MVP Drew Brees, will do homework this weekend. Saints are well known for their ability to win Drew Brees and Super Bowl. This season will perform at least a great dance.

Prediction: Saints won 13

NY: There are several conferences, with the same conference teams that participate in the final game or series in the NBA / NFL / MLB / NHL season and one of them. These two groups really match each other very well, and they suspect that they can take more than one hour of regulation time. I still believe that the team of Saints will overcome this post-season and therefore return to work.

Prediction: Two great plays by Drew Breesen's plays get sanctuaries.


Christopher Reive (3/4)

– Colts, Rams, Chargers, Saints

Alex Chapman (2/4)

– Chiefs, Ramons, Patriots, Saints

Marc Peard (2/4)

– Chiefs, Cowboys, Chargers, Saints

Nigel Yalden (1/4)

– Colts, Rams, Chargers, Saints

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