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NHL reproduction race reality


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National Hockey League deserves a lot of credit for most teams (including front office, coaching staff and even their supporters), for most of the season for a playoff race. Reality is very different.

One of the fascinating aspects of the regular NHL season is how emerging classifications emerge. Elite and therapeutic groups stand out very early, but in the middle of the package there is always a mess. Consider the race days today. In the east, nine teams distinguish between four or less wins. In the West, eight teams distinguish between four wins or less. In fact, playback races split under the new final alignment, your split ends at the top three, regardless of the record, and when you're done, you increase the situation.

But the reality is very different. For the time being, you've probably heard about specific points or markers that you have tried to legitimize (or delegitimize) the probability of their reproduction. Some prefer to see the attitude of the group, thanking them. Others want to wait until Christmas. In some cases, we do not have much fun in understanding the fate of the gaming team in the post-season.

Even under a funky division-based playoff system, about 20 gaming brands, and perhaps a very early handle under a team. We do not have to run complex simulations to understand the exact probabilities in different environments. We only have descriptive data for the 2013-14 season to use (or hardly) a team to play a game-based post-season with any game.

Then, it is a table that represents the playoff probability, according to rhythm and games. As you can see, the probabilities are very obvious, but pay special attention to queues. The ugly initials were not easily overcome. The hot white season is very encouraging in the playoff offer. The reason is double: they are very valuable points in the bank, and a simple measurement such as profit and loss records is enough to maintain group talent and regular earnings.

Here is the look of the data:

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I have distributed three of them: 25 to 25 percent teams, at any time of playoffs, with teams with 25 to 75 playoffs, at any time and with the possibility of playoffs between 75 and 100 percent. It seems to me to be interesting, based on just a few historical data, patterns and trends can be highly predictable.

But consider this in the NHL classification context when sitting on saturday games. Efficiently, each team is part of the window of the 30 and 35 games window, so it is a group that is more likely to be, and we should have a very strong feeling that groups remain bubbles.

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Using data points and probabilities based on historical data, we can call six teams (from Ottawa to Los Angeles) because it is very difficult to play. Four other teams (from Vancouver to Arizona) could join the next five games as a very low end at the bubble. At the other end of the spectrum, at least seven teams (from Tampa Bay to Buffalo), reaching slots like the locks, Colorado can join in on days.

Apart from being a point, there is no confusion in the mix. If you enter Colorado, half of our race seems like a pretty race. This means that 13 teams compete in the last eight places. The race is still incredible and it is not possible to predict how to evolve this segment over time, but it is important to note the difference that is really important in playoff races. Especially, you are the CEO. Your table and your group may be alive.

Things you often hear or read "The team is just a couple of outdoor victories behind the playoff spot," which means that the team has a race race that said. The teams can make both triumphs and make purchases. But the fact is that the team is not just two out of the playoffs outdoors. There are 30 other groups in the NHL, playing with each other on a daily basis, at least two points will be guaranteed to give the final whistle sounds.

Therefore, it seems that it is easy to eliminate the deficit, it is quite difficult because the already existing teams will score more points.

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