Tuesday , January 25 2022

NHL Rumors: PHI-STL and OTT-CAR Schemes … Canadiens GM On The Trade Deadline


Montreal Canadiens will not be sold at the rental and is looking for commercial veterans for future assets.
Philadelphia Flyers and St. Louis Blues sculpture

Adam Kimelman: Last year's Scouts in the Flyers-Blues game: Minnesota Wild, Toronto Maple Leafs, Nashville Predators, Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabers, St. Louis Blues, New York Islands and Detroit Red Wings.

Michael Augello: The Maple Leafs sends him by Rick Olczyk to watch the Blues-Flyers game. Both sales groups may be trading periods.

Sculpture of Ottawa Senatore and Carolina Hurricanes

Bruce Garrioch: Sunday Scouts to participate in the Senatore-Hurricane game: Winnipeg Jets, Los Angeles Kings, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators, Vegas Golden Knights, Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Canadiens GM trading period

Arpon Basu: Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin Trade deadline: "I do not think I'm renting a business".

Pierre LeBrun: "Bergevin lost his mentality of the season, the team reset, yes, people are amazing, but that's not his plan, so I think any trade feels long-lasting, but the group can help now, but help the team in the long run needs

Arpon Basu: Bergevin has said that potential futures trading potential players may also be thinking. It's an option.

Eric Engels: GM Bergevin says they do not have their highest prospects.

"Right now, it's a way of talking about it. Other general managers: no one talks about occupations, and this is usually 10 days before, a week earlier, so we have a long way to do it. I'll hear it again. I think it makes sense But I do not have to start mortgaging the future, asking what is happening with World Junior, and I will not move with kids, so I'm going to have a short conversation. "

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