Saturday , May 8 2021

No loyalty, & # 39; GM Oshawa describes feelings of betrayal in the Windsor rally

On Friday, Windsor has painted a low moral image of General Motors (GM) Oshawa plant and describes the feeling of betrayal.

The event was one of the last moves of Unifor, so that GM can close the decision to show his disappointment and anger.

Dave Greenwood has been working for GM for 30 years. He said the people are "crying plant" and he is not proud to be a GM worker.

"They're sad. We're GM loyal customers, GM's loyal employees and no loyalty. It's a shame, General Motors is embarrassing," Greenwood said.

"We help each other but at the end of the day, fear, anxiety, panic, uncertainty."

GM Oshawa electrician Doug Lyon believes that closed plants will not be left with the Oshawa plant.

Dave Greenwood is a GM worker with 30 years of Oshawa. (CBC News)

"The only way to overcome this corporate cowardice is to show solidarity and solidarity," said Lyon, which is why GM closes a plant that produces the highest quality product.

Greenwood said everything the staff asked, put a new six-month truck and fill the quality matrix.

"I really feel bad with the company I'm working on," Greenwood said.

Doug Lyon GM Oshawak is electric. (CBC News)

Anto Bozic rejects claims about the training opportunities of the GM to lose jobs.

He said that a similar program was not for the workforce, because it was a university degree.

"It's a crock," said Bozic.

Lyon has told the GM that thousands of workers in the Durham region say that they make a transition to "false lies".

Cassie Lovelock, producer GM Oshawa, says he does not know what to do. (CBCNews)

And Cassie Lovelock, who was eagerly awaiting him, does not know what to do.

The only thing that is true of GM's faithfulness will be its "no loyalty".

"You can bet on your ass, I have never bought a GM vehicle," said Lovelock.

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